ho ho ho

As I sat down to write, all I could hear in the house was a faint "Ho Ho Ho" from my niece upstairs. I think she is reading something. She's so sweet.

Today I tried my hand at domestic living and made some spicy chocolate covered pretzels. It wasn't really by choice but more of a demand from my sister. They turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. My mom was delighted to share the kitchen with two of her daughters (both of which are/were domestically challenged). It's hard to believe that Christmas is tomorrow. This whole month has been a blur. Work was crazy busy, kids were leaving and new kids were coming. I spoke at the graduation of two of my clients and it was all I could do from bursting in to tears. I'm excited for them to move on to real life but so scared at the same time. I learn something from each kid I work with, and some goodbyes are harder than others. This one was the toughest yet.

So, it is nice to settle in with the comforts of home and be surrounded by people that I love. My nieces and nephews are growing up so fast and are a delight to be around. There is much laughter, singing and even a little dancing. There isn't any fresh snow to greet us before Christmas but otherwise it feels perfect. Soon Santa will descend on the house while we are all fast asleep and in the morning the excitement and awe of children will fill the house.

Merry Christmas sweet readers. I hope you all feel the warm fuzzies that this season is known to bring. May 2008 fill your life with memories, even if they aren't always the perfect ones. There is so much to learn and receive from life. I wouldn't change a thing (okay, maybe a few things).

Best wishes to you all.



My readers all know that I have an unusual name. Granted my parents didn't call me Apple, Camera, Puma, Fifi or Banjo (actual names of celebrity children) but it's still a little different.

I wonder if my name would be different had I been born in Rome. Apparently some parents were forced to change the name of their child, Friday, because it might hinder him from having serene interpersonal relationships. Compared to a lot of names out there, Friday seems fairly benign. Apparently the powers that be in Rome didn't think so. Click here to read the full story. I do think some names have gotten way out of control but I think government interference is even MORE out of control.


thank goodness for spell check

(Or, Why don't people use it?)

So, I am a member of the fast growing "Facebook." At first I was leery but then I began to appreciate all the contact I have with long lost friends. It's also a good way to beat others in scrabble or get beaten. I really enjoy seeing what people are up to these days. Anyway, there is a handy little section that is the "News Feed." Here you get information on the coming and goings of friends and I noticed one of my friends joined a group called:

"If Hillery Clinton becomes President I am moving to Cananda!"

I went to the group believing it was a joke. It had to be if Hillary and Canada were both spelled wrong. Upon further examination it seemed like a legitimate group. Today there was a posting about Glenn Beck being the best guy in televesion [sic]. By the way, I have always wanted to use sic in a sentence. I'm glad I got my chance.

I'm not trying to be rude. I admit to using poor grammar and misusing punctuation (I am sure this post is full of them). I have even had the occasional misspell. However, I do think if you are going to create a group opposing something or trying to make a statement, you might want to spell it correctly. Otherwise how are you going to be taken seriously?