too much

Yesterday I saw more than I wanted to. I was finishing one of my laps in the pool when the man in the lane beside me mooned me! Okay, his swim trunks started coming off as he was swimming but I saw full-on BUTT. He did several swim strokes before he pulled up his shorts. I'm sure he felt the water against his bare bum or the trunks hanging down to his thighs so I'm not sure why he didn't pull them up right away. I'm just glad it was his butt facing me. Then in the locker room a woman got ready in just her tanktop and underwear. Is it really too much to put on pants while you do your hair makeup? Too much, much too much.

Unfortunately I ate too much hummus last night. My poor workout buddies got to smell garlic mixed with my sweat this morning in spin class. Garlic is so delicious but so dangerous.

By the way, why do we call swim trunks "trunks?" And, any good stories about "too much?"


doesn't get better than this...

There are few things that make me smile more than this

or this

and this

and my newest thing to make me smile, my "niece" Teagan. I'm calling myself her adopted Auntie since I have no nieces and nephews in Utah. I think a best friend's child counts, don't you?

Happy Sunday

(PS-Denise, you can sorta see the new hairdo in all the photos, except the Boston one. My new glasses are featured in the last photo)



The years change, the seasons change, and inevitably so does life. We're not far in to the new year and a lot is changing in my life. One of my BFF's adopted a beautiful baby girl this month. I'm ecstatic for them but it will invariably change the amount of time we can spend out and about. My own life will soon take a sudden change as I accepted a supervisor position within my company but on the girls campus. No longer will I be surrounded by hormonal teenage boys. I'll get to deal with emotional teenage girls (along with all the other parts to my new job). I'm excited for the advancement but it is bittersweet. Telling the boys today was one of the hardest days of my professional life. I barely know any of the staff over there so it will be like starting fresh. However, a raise never hurts!

Heck, I even changed my hair colour (albeit slightly) this year.

All this change is good. And although I'm nervous, I'm excited for what lies ahead.


only on a monday

As if getting up Monday mornings aren't bad enough, I torture myself by swimming every Monday. I like swimming but I hate chlorine. I also hate getting up early. This morning i drove to the gym only to realize that I forgot my toiletry bag. I'm furious with myself and drive back home as quickly as possible. In my haste, I am not paying attention to the container full of milk (for my after workout breakfast). After taking a corner a little too fast I look down only to see the milk everywhere. This is one of those moments when you CAN cry over spilt milk. The floor mat was sopping wet and the smell of vanilla soy milk penetrated throughout the car. I have yet to make it to the car wash to soap it down but it's not something I'm particularly excited about in below freezing weather.

So to recap, my drive to the gym took 45 minutes instead of 15. I spilled milk all over the passenger side floor (and it still smells). And I can smell chlorine on me with even the slightest movement.

Mondays. I hate them.


go green

Last month I decided to get "greener." My roommates and I signed up for our local recycling program, I purchased canvas shopping bags and now I want to do more. As silly as it sounds, it makes me feel better. I was so stoked to find out that HP attaches a self-addressed envelope to their ink replacements so you can send back your old one for recycling! Thank you HP. So my goal for 2008 is to find even more ways to be earth friendly. I also want to cook more and eat healthier (that's why I want to start cooking). We'll see how well I do on that last one. And maybe, just maybe, I'll run a full marathon.

So, if you have one, what do you resolve to do differently?

*Have I ever told my readers how amazing Jo is? She's the genius behind the very cool New Year's Eve photo.