There are three reasons why a clumsy person should NOT use clipless pedals.

1. Bruised knee
2. Bruised bum
3. Bruised ego

My friend who told me that I'll only fall once on my bike and never do it again is a LIAR. Perhaps she meant to say I'll only fall once per year.

My right butt cheek has hurt all day and I can't cross my left leg over my right.

Le sigh.



Memorial Day is an American holiday that I appreciate. Americans have a beautiful tradition of bringing flowers to the cemetery of their buried loved ones. These photos don't quite do justice to the impact that this actually makes.
When I walked through the Pioneer Cemetery I couldn't help but think of three people that I love.

My Grandma Kelly is my modern day heroine.

She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in her 50s. She made a killer cucumber sandwich and taught me just how tasty marshmallows in a freezer can be. She died far before her time but fought her cancer as much as she could. I am forever grateful for this painting of me that she left as part of her legacy.

My Granddad and Grandma Rock met during WWII. My Granddad was a firefighter in London and my Grandma was a dispatcher. My Granddad loved to spoil us whenever we saw him. He had a terrific wit and loved to tease. My Grandmother left a legacy of service. I don't know if she ever said a harsh word in her life. She also never failed to send a letter for small events like a cello recital to large ones like my university graduation. She died before I graduated from my Masters but I know I would have gotten a letter for that too. Although I wish they were both still here, I'm glad that my Grandma only had to live 6 months after my Granddad died. Perhaps she's still bringing him breakfast in bed up in Heaven.

They each touched my life in ways that cannot always be expressed in words. I'm thankful for days like today that remind me of my amazing grandparents.


something i never aspired to

Tonight the local news featured a Senior that didn't miss a day of school since Kindergarten. She wanted to outdo her father who had not missed a day of school after starting junior high.

My goal as a child was to see how much school I could miss. I remember one year my parents told me that if I wanted to go to England I could only miss a certain number of school days. Being bribed not to fake sick in junior high... Wow, I was a winner. I also have a not so fond memory of drinking pickle juice mixed with raw egg and peanut butter in hopes it would induce vomit. My mother was rightly convinced that I was faking yet another day of school and I was trying to prove her wrong. I didn't throw up but the smell of pickle juice can still make my stomach turn. Moms win every time.

Sometimes it surprises me that being a chronic skipper of school actually had little correlation with my educational attendance post high school. Thank goodness or I'd never hold down a job.

What are your favourite or least favourite school memories?


hot momma

I have one awesome Mum. She has one almost awesome dog. The dog gets awesome walks almost every day.

I have five awesome sisters (in-laws). They all have awesome kids, with two more on the way.

Happy Mother's Day to all those mommy's that I love. It feels pretty awesome to have you all in my life.



Blah blah blah work. Blah not enough sleep blah blah blah. Blah blah stress.

One big blah


white and nerdy

I have already expressed my recent love for hip-hop... and have been "immersed" in the culture the last couple of months (meaning that I listen to it and hang out with someone that is much more an aficianado). I'm pleased to report that Auntie's love is starting to rub off on some kids that she loves. Parker still needs a bit of help throwing it down but at least she's got the CD in hand. Next step is sending some bling, working on slang and practicing our krumping. Still, I think they're on the right track.

shake it out...

How would you like to have this little present left on your floor by a stranger?

Back in March my sister-in-law had a carpenter come over to give an estimate on work. As they were talking she noticed something hanging out of his pant leg. These are her words from the true and hilarious story.

Upon closer inspection, I discovered that it was a pair of UNDERWEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! He must have take off his pants the night before, and left his undies in them, then forgot about it, and they fell to the bottom of his leg - OR, while doing laundry they got mixed up - I think it was the former. Anyway, as he was walking along, they kept falling more and more out of his pants, I was scared they'd fall out when we were both standing there and he would be REALLY embarrassed that his panties (editors note: I hate the word she used here to describe his tighty whities) were sitting on the ground! I always walked in front of him in case they fell out and he noticed then he could pick them up without me 'seeing'. So they kept getting more and more out, then he sat at out table to write out the info, and when he got up, they fell out on my floor! Lucky for him, he didn't notice, and went on his merry way and was none the wiser. BUT, I had a gift on my dining room floor!

Lucky for him? She was the one that I had to dispose of them. So people, shake out your pants if you decide to wear them the next day. Needless to say he didn't get the job... although it may have had nothing to do with him leaving a pretty white present behind.

If the carpenter that owns these happens to be reading this post, you can find them at the house where these cute munchkins live.