cash folks

Yesterday I did a little shopping at Costco while I had my tires rotated (safety first when you are roadtripping it). After I purchased my things, I went to the in-house food place to get a drink to quench my thirst. It came to $1.56 and I only had 79 cents on me, so I pulled out my debit card. I was informed that they only take cash or cheque. Seriously??? I could see the credit card machines behind the counter. I had just spent 70 bucks on four items and this guy is telling me I can't use my card? So, my little drink went to waste and I left miffed. Once the drink has been poured, it's only going to get chucked. They should have just given it to me for free to aid in my irritation AND embarrassment. I know I should carry cash, but who the crap carries cheques anymore?




Clearly I need a life because conquering all the levels of brickbreaker tonight was the highlight of my week. My cell phone came with this game and it has been driving me crazy for almost a year. When I finally conquered all 34 levels I was surprised to find out you just start back at level one and keep going. I also discovered there are numerous sites dedicated to brickbreaker... like ways to cheat the game (if only I found this earlier) and then there is this dude who has a whole site dedicated to his brickbreaking games.


because, seriously...

... they're so blessed.

Since I haven't been writing too much, you ought to check out my new favourite blog. The writer is "seriously so blessed." If you get a good chuckle at Utah County Mormon culture, are "greatful" for friends/families cheesy blog posts, and appreciate satire then this blog's for you.

Seriously, So Blessed

I'm stoked because today the author announced that she is "pregnant." Ahhh, more things to laugh at.