is it just me?

I am maybe wiling to admit I've become an anal roommate. However, I think I have just been cursed.

So, help me to decide (keep in mind that we are ALL renters. No one in the house actually owns the place):

Would you be confused/annoyed/grossed out by multiple framed pictures of your roommate and her boyfriend in the living room?

Even if you all decide I am just anal, I think it's time for me to live on my own.


my kind of kids

Sometimes I'm glad I'm watching TV live and can't fast forward commercials. If I was six, I'd run with this crowd.



Yesterday I saw an old gal with an Obama pin on her jacket lapel. I thought "Wow, isn't that progressive for an older Utahn." Then I saw her get in to a car with Minnesota plates. Guess I thought too soon.


i don't need to get laid*

*In response to my good friend Dub, I actually do find some things amusing. So, contrary to his popular belief, my agitation has little to do with the amount of action I am getting in my life. I had a great day today. I might blog about it later, I might not. However, this little exchange from a precious gal (and her mother) in my life left me laughing and laughing.


The other night while laying down with Parker, this conversation came out of NOWHERE. Like we had said prayers and goodnight and all was quiet:

Parker: Mom, I can't marry Dallin because he's my cousin.

Me: that's right, you can't.

Parker: Yeah too bad, but you can't marry cousins even if you love them.

Me: Yes, too bad, Dallin will be a very good husband.

Parker: But I can marry Joshie!

Me: Yes you can (really trying not to laugh at this convo).

Parker: He'd be a good husband because we both have blond hair and we like
the same things! Like, I like singing and so does Josh and I like playing in
the gym and so does Josh and I like just doing stuff and so does Josh!

Me: Yes, that would be great. I like Josh, he'd be a good husband, because
he's a good friend.

Parker: Did you know girls can marry friends that are girls?

Me: Yes, I did know that.

Parker: Yeah, like if I had a friend that was a girl, I could marry her.

Me: Um, yes. But you should marry a boy. It's better for a girl to marry a

Parker: Yeah. But Teigan was saying that a girl can marry a girl and she
said it's complicated to explain.

Me: Oh yeah? When was this?

Parker: We were on the swings and then Uncle Ted took Maren and Spencer into
the wild, so we ran off to go with them, so we just stopped talking about
it! (**this scene was obviously when Denise and family were at Steeds the
night we had family here!)

Me: Oh very interesting. But yes, girls CAN marry girls. But Heavenly Father
wants girls to marry boys.

Parker: Yeah, too bad I can't marry Dallin. But I can marry Josh!

Me: Yes honey, good night.


This kid is five and I think she might be one of the funniest people I know.


something to be grouchy about*

I have blogged about this issue before BUT it never stops annoying me. 

So, one last time... DO NOT SEND ME REQUESTS FOR ISSUES THAT I DO NOT SHARE A SIMILAR FEELING ON. Even though I "share" your same religious beliefs, I am not interested in helping you telephone people in California to help ban same sex marriage. In fact, if I were to help with this cause, I would be arguing the other side. Not only that but I don't even know who you are. Your friend is listed as my friend (but more like an acquaintance) on Facebook. Seriously people, try to enlist people you know want to help you with your cause. Don't send out mass mailings. It just makes some folks pissed off.

Oh, and this isn't something to be grouchy about but more mystified... There is a room for rent in my place and rather than calling me, some random person texted me. They also use "u" instead of "you" . They either have major social anxiety or poor social skills. Either way I don't want them living with me. Pick up the phone and woman up.   

*I just want Rocky to know what REALLY makes me grouchy and not just snarky



Today is my running partner's birthday so I stopped by the red bullseye store to get her a birthday card. I found a card that seemed perfect as it joked about Prozac and hallucinogens, seeing as she's a school counselor and I'm a therapist. I was quite pleased with my choice as I headed to the register. The clerk fiddled with the card for a bit, so I assumed she was trying to find the price. In fact, her delay was due to her keen desire to read the card. Perhaps I wouldn't have minded the delay, but she stated "Oh, that's so mean." To which I responded "I think it's funny." What I really wanted to say was "Lady, you're paid to ring up my items not poke your nose in to my stuff and give me your unsolicited opinion." 

As a side note, I also had to remind her twice that I did not need a bag. 


the gods must be crazy... or just angry

I'm still healing from my traumatic Monday and can only now write about it. Excited for Labour day, I decided to work a half day. My plan involved riding my bike to work and then going for a long ride up the canyon. Sunday night there were some clouds and threats of a storm the next day. I woke up to rain so I packed my bike in my car and drove to work, knowing the weather can shift rapidly in Utah. I was in the middle of a family session watching the clouds get darker and darker. The rain came hard, the lights flickered and then the power went out. I didn't take that as a good sign. By noon things weren't looking any better. I gave up my brilliant idea of biking and went out to eat with a friend.

Of course the sun came out as we hit the road. I ignored the obvious slap in the face from Mother Nature or the gods or whomever orchestrated this little joke. When I got home from eating and shopping, I hopped on my bike to finally get the ride I deserved. I had hit my turn around point when I noticed something in my front tire. I stopped, got off, and stupidly pulled out the biggest thorn/burr I had ever seen. The air shot out of the tire. I panicked, stuck the burr back in, but it was too late. I was by myself with my flat tire. Feeling that this wasn't my day to bike, I called a friend. She was amazingly close by and kindly picked me up.

Maybe next holiday I'll try again, but I don't think I'm too excited about riding to work on Thanksgiving.