when bad things happen to good people...

...who procrastinate.

Due to some bad business practices of my "former" bank surrounding my past potential mortgage with them, I decided to switch banks once I actually bought my home with a new lender. I pulled out most of my money and left just a little bit to cover the last automatic withdrawals that would happen before I could switch it all over. That was several months ago. I kept thinking I should close the account but it wasn't on my priority list, and hey, I do procrastinate. So, I was going through my secondary email accounts that I don't check every day when I saw an alert that I was in overdraft with my former bank. What the heck?! Having never been in overdraft I was mortified and confused as to how that could happen.

Turns out that a year ago I authorized my AAA account to use automatic withdrawal. Well, that yearly payment from my OLD bank account put me in to overdraft. Awesome. To top it off, I continued to get a daily charge for each day I was in the red. And because I don't often check that one email account, I've been in debt for three days. So I decided to deposit a cheque tonight to clear it all up and to once again feel like a financially responsible person... until I remembered that my debit card from that bank had expired. I shredded the new card last month because I was closing the account. Are you all following me here? So, now I get another daily charge until I can go in to the bank and deposit the necessary money. Then can you guess what I'm going to do? Yup, close that damn account... which I should have done months ago.

Lesson learned.

Oh, and I still hate that bank. Yes, I hate you WELLS FARGO.


late nights

I have this bad habit that I stay up late when my schedule changes. Since I'm going camping with my work girls tomorrow I suddenly think I'm on vacation. I'm forgetting that I'm going to be camping with them for three day and will be "working" 24 hours a day rather than my usual 8-9. I'm thinking this night owl routine is going to kick me in the butt tomorrow at about 3 p.m. Either that or the girls. Ha ha.

Wish me luck!