You know those idiots that trip on treadmills?

Today I was that idiot.


my lame mastercard rip-off

1 water bottle - $1.09
1 new iBook keyboard - $79.95
Putting the lid on your water bottle - Priceless

Lesson WELL learned


I was all prepared with new posts in my head but I fried my keyboard. I spilled less than a teaspoon of water on my mac and POOF, it ain't working no more. Well, the keys were all jumbled and sometimes two letters would type when I just pushed one. I'm waiting on an estimate for the fix but I'm DYING without my internet at night. So, if everyone could pray for my mac or say a few hail mary's, I'd really appreciate it.


uh, awkward

Perhaps "babypoo" is a term of endearment, but when I saw this license plate

all I could think of was crap... crap in a diaper... smelly, crappy baby poop.

Who thought this was a good choice for a vanity plate? Big, big mistake.

At least this made me laugh and laugh and laugh.