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take two

So I did my second trail run of the year yesterday. I chose to wear a running skirt so that if I tripped again I wouldn't ruin a pair of pants... just add scars to my already beat up knees.

I can say that I did NOT hit the ground on my second attempt. I can't say that I didn't trip and catch a little air. However, miraculously I was able to catch myself from falling. I actually really enjoy running on the trails but I fear that it might prove too difficult a feat for me. I guess I'll have to see how attempt three goes (whenever that may be).


i don't blog anymore...

Rocky and mskaz have both reminded me that I don't blog anymore... but it really isn't because of Buddy. After years of blogging, I've slowly lost the fire.

Sure, I still think of blogging... like the time a ceiling fan hit me in the head. When Buddy asked me to step on his back to try to crack it I told him to lie on the floor. He said "No the bed will be fine." Neither of us thought about the low ceiling and the fan on full blast. I sure as heck thought of it as I felt a blow to the back of the head followed by another blow before I fell on the bed writhing in pain. And compassionate Buddy brought me a huge frozen elk stick (it looked like a HUGE oval package of ground beef) when I asked for a bag of ice. He told me "The meat stick will be funny in the morning." I wasn't laughing as I went to the freezer to get my own ice. However, the next day I decided he was right. The Elk stick thing was funny as were the multiple goose eggs.

I even thought about blogging the other day when Buddy sat on a seat in a change room only to stand up and say "My pants are wet, this seat is still wet. It's not a stain." As he rushed to the men's department holding out his shorts so they didn't touch his leg I silently laughed. When we smelled his shorts it wasn't as funny as it smelled like urine (okay, it was funny to me but like the meat stick, in the moment it wasn't funny to him). However, sitting in someone else's urine will bag you a nice pair of Docker pants for $15. This might just be a good method to getting deals at stores. If you see me walking around with a spray bottle, it isn't to wheel and deal store managers.

So I think of blogging about once a week but then the feeling passes. Maybe it's time for a change. Maybe it's time to lay this blog to rest. Or maybe I'll start typing my thoughts again.

But for now, just picture ceiling fans and urine.



I'm coming home to you Canada. Sorry I will miss your birthday today but I will make sure you know how much you are loved! See you Friday...


say what?

I'm not clumsy... right? Right! I've never mentioned falling over on my bike, dropping a screwdriver on my head, multiple wipe outs on my first mountain bike ride, tripping over carpet. Never. I'm graceful.

So today it was a TOTAL shock when I went on my first trail run ever and ended up FLYING when my left toe caught the tip of a very large, very obvious rock. I was just about to say to my friends "Wow, this view is gorgeous but I'm afraid if I don't look right in front of me I'll biff it." Well, before those words could come out of my mouth, I flew through the air in such a way that would make Superman jealous.

The double tragedy? I ripped my very nice, pricey compression tights. However, I am thinking the long sleeved and capri pants saved me from major skin damage.

Tonight I'm nursing my tender knee and tender ego.



So this year I decided to plant a vegetable garden. We'll see how it turns out. My friend and I planted everything and were feeling quite proud... and then her husband told us we did it all wrong! Ha. If half of the stuff comes up I will count that as a success.

I've never been one for gardens but liked the idea of fresh produce. Well now that I've done that, I'm starting to look at my garden beds at home and thinking a change is in order. I've never been a green thumb or even interested in it. My mom has always had beautiful gardens. I always wondered why she would go to so much trouble even though they were nice to look at. Maybe I'm getting older because today when I looked at the garden beds (that came with my house) I was appalled at how ugly they were.

Dear readers, if there are any of you left, please give me advice. What should I do with them? The shrubs came already planted. I don't know if I want to rip them up but what flowers should I plant or what would spruce the beds up a bit??



This site is funny (thanks Belmomma for this)

This video is freaking funny (and I think this could also apply to Republicans... had to get that in!!!)

And this dude, well he's freaking funny times two (thanks Pops for this link).

I'm doing a lot of laughing lately, but not a lot of blogging. Hope you're all laughing too!!!