sinful skating

i sort of felt that the whole "skateboarding is not a crime" paraphernalia got overplayed and lost its effect. however, the other day i was walking down a street and saw an apartment window that had a handmade cardboard sign written with a black marker stating SK8TING IS NOT A CRIME. underneath the sign the person had taped their ticket they received from an officer. i laughed and appreciated this person's humour. it does seem a bit hypocritical that bikers and rollerbladers can go wherever they want, but skaters are restricted to parks or face being ticketed. you'd think that would have changed now that skating is so mainstream.


wow, the world wide web

so after leaving endless comments on my friend's blog, i've decided to enter the world of blogging. this is a big accomplishment for someone as computer illiterate as myself... i even managed to figure out how to link to other sites! i'm not quite creative enough to have a blogging theme, so i will likely use this as my own forum for my many endless opinions, interests, and peeves.

a recent, yet frightening, find (thanks to my sister) on the internet is a site devoted to awful plastic surgery (mostly celebs). this one was by far the scariest that i saw.
this is a test post