a thing called love

Sometimes I'm a cynic. Sometimes I'm a romantic. But just when I wonder if this dating and marriage thing is really worth it, I read a very simple thing from someone I admire... and a relationship that I envy.

She made me a delicious chicken soup and I just love her all the more the way she is so good to me.

And then I know that waiting for someone that I will be good to, and that will love me more because of it, is indeed worth the wait.


whitney and i

The other night I had a Tommy Boy moment minus Richard and the out of control driving. All the radio stations were playing obnoxious songs or ads. So when I heard The Greatest Love of All, I paused... and then I sang. Who can resist a duet with Whitney Houston? I don't know what the people passing me thought as I belted it out, nor do I care. All I could hear was my perfect pitch and rich vibrato. Thankfully no one was there to tell me otherwise.

But it got me thinking of when I was younger and much more insecure. I would never have sung out loud in my car for fear of being seen. I also hated going through drive through restaurants by myself. Now I've actually eaten alone in a REAL restaurant. Apparently I have made progress in my adult life.

So, what things used to mortify you that you've outgrown?