things seen at church

1. A helium balloon make its way up to the chapel. I'm still not sure where the blue balloon came from but I think it was really wanting a shot at the pulpit. 

2. A woman tripping over something in the aisle during Sunday school. Although I could feel her mortification, I was impressed that she ran through the trip and never hit the ground. It was actually something to be proud of. I would have gone down HARD. 

3. Then in the final hour (seriously, who came up with three hours worth of church!?!?!), the teacher's button on her blouse came undone. The bra looked supportive, yet cute but didn't quite match her hot pink top. I'm not exactly sure when she noticed it was undone because I was distracted by the flirting 1 year olds, but I was relieved when it was re-buttoned. I wonder if anyone ever told her that it was over 10 minutes. 


what house?

I'm sure everyone is bored with the house posts... but my head just can't wrap around other subjects these days.  If all goes according to plan, THIS will be mine in two weeks. 
The flooring is in, tomorrow will be cabinetry, and then the bathroom tiles. 

And hopefully when it's all done, I'll be hosting friends even more!