sometimes a sister knows

This week has been hectic with all the deadlines and unknowns. As I sat in my office feeling rather deflated my sister sent a link that brightened my day...


If you take a few minutes it might brighten your day too. I know that Boston will for sure brighten my week. Until then, I will just watch this on repeat. Enjoy!


flexibility is the name of the game

Early in March, the Smiths decided to take a bunch of newbies on a rappelling trip to St. George. Problem was... snow. While we waited for Chris and his sidekick to check out the road conditions, Mike built a fire in the middle of the road. Jennie showed it off beautifully even if she was a wee bit mad that she was in the photo. Too bad we didn't have marshmallows.

The boys came back and thought the road might be a bit too sketchy (well, if they were without the first-timers they would have braved on) so we turned back and decided to hike Angel's Landing.

After this point Penny decided to wait while the rest of us trucked on. We made it to the top alive with just a bit of tingly hands and feet.

Then we ate a little lunch with Penny, headed back to the condo, and then crossed State lines for a little entertainment. It was one of those places where there is a lot of smoke, things called "chips" and all sorts of games. I met an "interesting" man from Canada who lived in an RV. He wanted to dance and I didn't. He wanted to give me his business card and I didn't want it (thank goodness he didn't have one on him). There are some Canadians I don't care to hang out with. We had a lot of laughs and even though we only did one rappel, I hope I get invited again.

Thanks for a great weekend Smiths!


march is madness

I can't believe it's April, partly because we've had more snow the last few weeks than most of January or February. And well, life has been hectic. When I move in to my house, I can actually unpack the box that has my camera cord. With that handy little device I can charge my dead camera battery and upload photos from my trip to St. George and Moab... and my completed house. There have been hikes, baby rappels, and a half marathon. My house is done, long story but I'm not in in yet. Hopefully a week or two more.

Until then, you can all enjoy a fabulous sign my friend HRH spied at Venice Beach way back in the day (November 2008 seems eons ago). 

The idea of men's bikinis is almost as frightening as the grammar. You think the sign company would have told the owner that they were puffing on the ganja a bit too much and make the necessary correction.

And even when you live in the USA, there is always a little taste of home kicking around.