ridin' low

Another reason to pull your pants up to a proper fit (this one's for you J-Bug)!



I really wasn't going to come home... but I knew I couldn't resist if everyone else was there. So just over a week before the Bostonians were coming, I booked a flight with my points. With my sister as my accomplice I decided to surprise the family. There were some double takes, a punch in the arm, and maybe a few tears (crier will remain anonymous). The surprises were fun... but not as fun as the whole week.

1. The stampede with the kids. Smiles, holding hands, screams on the rides, allergies in the barns.

2. The stampede with the adults. Chuck wagons, rides, brother screaming like a girl on rides, sister laughing so hard she was crying on the ride, caramel apples x 2.
3. Mocha mud pies, laughing so hard on the way home, kid wearing my glasses with a fake smile.

4. Sunday afternoon drive, Kananaskis country, renewed love of my homeland.
5. Games, laughs, brain scars, more laughs.

1. Feeling sick from so much junk food.
2. Two days of pouring rain, no beach days, nasty tan lines still in force.
3. Running out of time.
4. Saying goodbye to everyone for another year.

The time always goes so quickly. I always have intentions to see others or do something different but in the end I want to absorb as much of the family as possible. The kids are so funny and always changing... and I want to be a part of that as much as possible. I love every one of them.