that's right, eh?

10 Things I love about being home...

1. Hearing the accents all over again. House, about, flag, bag, tag. Awesome.
2. Hearing "eh" on a regular basis, especially from my eldest sister.
3. My nieces and nephews. So cute, so funny, and sometimes so cuddly.
4. Reconnecting with old friends... especially engaged ones.
5. Snow covered mountains.
6. Eating chocolate upon chocolate.
7. Having mom make breakfast, most dinners and generally spoiling us with food.
8. Roast beef dinner with yorkshire puddings (thanks sis).
9. Going to a hockey game (oh how I miss that sport).
10. It actually feels like Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone.

May your day be Merry and Bright!!!


only me

Thank you all for your well wishes... I am on the mend... so much so that I was able to go ice skating with my girls at work today.

The recreational therapist asked if I would show her how to do a "hockey stop" on skates. Seeing as I was an experienced skater (thanks to my heritage), I happily obliged. Midway through the stop the blade of my skate flew off... which meant I fell down. All I could do was laugh. And although I was shocked, of course something like that happened to me. I'm naturally clumsy so it makes perfect sense to have a skate malfunction. She had to help me off the ice as I'm not quite talented enough to skate on one foot.

Now to find out how much it costs to replace the blade.



I've been bragging most of the Fall that I hardly ever get the flu. They were doing vaccines on Friday and when the nurse asked if I was getting it, I said "No, I don't believe in those things." Well, I still don't believe in them but my bragging days are over.

For the most part I consider myself a grown up. I own my own place, my own car, and have a good job. But when I'm lying on the floor of my bathroom and praying that this will be the last time I will throw up all I can think of is "I want my mommy." Funny how being ill takes you back to your childhood days of Mom taking care of you, rubbing your back, getting you Gingerale. I revert back to being a baby. To make matters worse, I was so sore from my run on Saturday. So walking down my stairs was painful... on top of being weak from losing any kind of fluids or nutrients in my body. That is when a split-level house truly bites you in the a**. Gratefully it was a short-lived flu. I thought I was well enough to return to work today but after 3 hours of being there, I realized I could have used another day of rest. In that short time I had kicked a girl out of my office after only 5 minutes and spent another family session in a total haze. I came home with some paperwork to do and the only thing I managed to get down was take a 3 hour nap. I've eaten some toast and soup and think I'll be able to return to work tomorrow. Hopefully this means that I won't get sick at Christmas.

And I know that I will always call out for Mommy when I'm sick.