Canada I love you! Hockey I love you!

Gold medal in Hockey for Canada... I LOVE IT!

Today I really miss home.

I have fond memories of hockey games with my dad... listening as he taught me about off-sides, icing, penalties, and then plenty of high fives when the Flames scored. We would share nachos and I would scarf down a malt. Mostly I felt pretty special to get "dates" with my dad on a school night. Because of him it's the one sport that I actually understand. And it's the only sport that can get me all tied up in knots.

Gratefully today ended with a smile and not a frown...



When work is totally not awesome, getting flowers from great friends IS awesome. More awesome is the mistake on the card...

"Your homos

Love Penny and Jennie"

I assumed they meant to write "your homies" but what's totally hilarious is that my friends ONLY asked that the card say "Love" and their names. Not sure how the order clerk heard "your homos" but it made the gift even better.

I love the tulips. They are my favourite flower. And I love my totally awesome friends!


should nots

Unless you're Michael Phelps, you should not wear this

I spent a week in Maui... but currently I only feel like posting things that make me sick to my stomach.