say what?

I'm not clumsy... right? Right! I've never mentioned falling over on my bike, dropping a screwdriver on my head, multiple wipe outs on my first mountain bike ride, tripping over carpet. Never. I'm graceful.

So today it was a TOTAL shock when I went on my first trail run ever and ended up FLYING when my left toe caught the tip of a very large, very obvious rock. I was just about to say to my friends "Wow, this view is gorgeous but I'm afraid if I don't look right in front of me I'll biff it." Well, before those words could come out of my mouth, I flew through the air in such a way that would make Superman jealous.

The double tragedy? I ripped my very nice, pricey compression tights. However, I am thinking the long sleeved and capri pants saved me from major skin damage.

Tonight I'm nursing my tender knee and tender ego.



So this year I decided to plant a vegetable garden. We'll see how it turns out. My friend and I planted everything and were feeling quite proud... and then her husband told us we did it all wrong! Ha. If half of the stuff comes up I will count that as a success.

I've never been one for gardens but liked the idea of fresh produce. Well now that I've done that, I'm starting to look at my garden beds at home and thinking a change is in order. I've never been a green thumb or even interested in it. My mom has always had beautiful gardens. I always wondered why she would go to so much trouble even though they were nice to look at. Maybe I'm getting older because today when I looked at the garden beds (that came with my house) I was appalled at how ugly they were.

Dear readers, if there are any of you left, please give me advice. What should I do with them? The shrubs came already planted. I don't know if I want to rip them up but what flowers should I plant or what would spruce the beds up a bit??



This site is funny (thanks Belmomma for this)

This video is freaking funny (and I think this could also apply to Republicans... had to get that in!!!)

And this dude, well he's freaking funny times two (thanks Pops for this link).

I'm doing a lot of laughing lately, but not a lot of blogging. Hope you're all laughing too!!!