i'm sorry

I'm sorry for neglecting you blog. I will come back to you, I promise. There are still more posts to be had. You are not forgotten.


money, money, money

Have you ever gone in to a store to pick up a "few" items only to leave with a bill over $150? People say you shouldn't go to the grocery store when you're hungry. I think you should also avoid shopping at a multi-purpose store when you are bored and want to spend money. At least I got a tea kettle among a "few" other items.


just singing in the...

I happened to shower beside Christine (not this Christine but this one) at the gym. Perhaps she was singing because she had a date with Raoul or maybe she was just having a happy morning. Kudos to her for sharing her talent so openly with everyone... that is until I had the urge to whistle "Memories" from Cats. After suppressing that urge, I suddenly had every single Andrew Lloyd Webber* song that I knew floating around my head.

Damn you pseudo-Christine and damn you Mr. Webber for ruining my Tuesday morning.

*Warning: Disturbing Image that IS work safe.


the week of the ma'am

On Friday I was shopping at Dani's favourite store that she rarely gets to visit (due to her location). As I was perusing the aisles a friendly guy dressed in a red shirt and khaki's asked "Do you need any assistance ma'am?" I responded "No, thank you." Not more than five minutes later another worker asked me again "Can I help you with anything ma'am?" Either Target is using a new customer service strategy or I must have looked old* and confused. I'm hoping it's the latter as I prefer to shop in peace.

*Three ma'ams in one week is starting to qualify me for the older woman status.