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will be together for four days here:


Who knows what might happen....


the long slumber

Last night I think I slept about 14 hours. I fell asleep somewhere in the middle of the 8 p.m. show of What Not to Wear. I stumbled out of bed around 10:45 to brush my teeth, go to the bathroom and turn off the lights. There was another stumbling out of bed this morning to go to the potty, then briefly woke up to a text message and then drifted back to sleep. Just before 10 I woke up for the day. While part of me feels rather sluggish for sleeping so long, the other part was in desperate need. It's been one of those weeks. My body and mind desperately needed a break. Maybe bears have it right. Perhaps we should all spend a period of time hibernating.

I'm excited to head down to sunny Phoenix for American Thanksgiving. I'm sure Jo and I will find plenty of mischief.

Also, you'll note I put comment moderation on. It has absolutely nothing to do with the Obama post... I promise! There was a post I wrote a long time ago that someone wrote some pretty nasty stuff on. Sorry for the inconvenience.


it's time for a change

From this:

To this:

Perhaps one step closer to what MLK said "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

Today I'm a proud Canadian living in America...


it was a trick

On Monday my sister directed me to a website that sold a sash that said "Miss Diagnosed". I thought it was a perfect costume for a therapist working at a treatment centre. I was excited when the website had a bold, flashing sign that said "Order by Monday for guaranteed delivery by Halloween." PERFECT!!! I quickly ordered and waited in excited anticipation. I started feeling antsy when it still hadn't arrived by Thursday. I went back to the website and after a bit of investigation noted that the fine print said "Guaranteed by 7 p.m. on the 31st" What the eff? Fried with their false (misleading) advertising I was determined to find a backup plan. Thursday night I hit up the local fabric store for ribbon and iron-on letters. Then I made a pit stop at the Disney store where I scored a tiara for half price. Wal-mart was still open at 11 where I managed to get some fake eyelashes and fake nails. The only thing I wasn't able to find was a tacky 80s dress. So, I rummaged up an old bridesmaid skirt and VOILA

Here is the result...
If you click on the photo, you can see the fake nails. They had these ugly black tips, with silver flowers.

The staff got a kick out of the outfit but sadly only about half the kids understood the humour. I got home after work to see this sitting on my bed.


Lessons I learned this Halloween:
1. Always read the fine print. I can't even return this stupid thing because returns had to be postmarked by October 16th. So now i have two Miss Diagnosed and spent double the money for the same costume. 
2. Never ever bother with fake nails. I could hardly type at work, texting took an inordinate amount of effort (like watching my mom type), and my skin crawled every time the sound of my nails hit something. Plus taking them off was a painful and long process. 
3. Trying to find an 80s dress is harder than you might think... so start early.
4. Fake eyelashes rock. I think I should wear them all the time because they make my eyes look so pretty!
5. You have to back comb more than you think to get big hair.

So readers, since American elections are just around the corner here is your chance to practice a bit of democracy. Time to rock the vote.

Is it better to go store bought



(had to show off my "niece" in her monkey suit)