things that must go

Well the only thing I have energy to write about is one thing that really must go...

Public groups on Facebook for people getting married

Sure there are lots of clever ways to state they're getting hitched. Recent ones I've seen "So and So and their Carnival of Love", "So and So are getting married!!!!", "Team So and So. We're getting married!!!" And no, I am not a bitter single woman. I just don't understand why people will give out their address in a group that is public content. Anyone can access it.

People... make your group private or better yet, send a personal email or phone call asking for addresses you don't have. I guess I still believe that weddings should be for close family and friends so getting an address shouldn't be too difficult OR too public.

There I said it.

*If you, or someone close to you, has had one of these groups, this is not a personal attack. But really, it must go!


before and after

So I still need to hang pictures and decorate, but here are some photos of the paint job.

Living room (many thanks to my folks for helping me with this huge task)



Bedroom Before:

After: (Sis, please note the bed is made better... just for you!)


nothing but the truth

There are times when I sit in therapy wondering what important details my clients are omitting from their stories. Details that would likely help them (and help me help them) in making some changes. Changes that would make their life better. I can't force it out of them. I can't always be sure my intuition is right. But I choose to believe I'm brilliant so I must be right!

And there are times outside of my work life when information would enlighten a situation. It seems like this week was full of unknown details that came to light. It isn't anything I want to publicly write about... I guess I too want to omit certain details in this forum. I do know that I'm grateful for a new week and I hope for less surprises. I hope for more loose tongues and upfront, straightforward discussions in all spheres of my life.


distracted or clumsy?

I have always stated that I am just clumsy. But lately I've been wondering if the real problem is being distracted... which leads to clumsy. Regardless, a screwdriver hitting me in the head still &%*$# hurts.

The good news... my bedroom is finally painted!

A handy painting tip for high walls - don't leave a screwdriver on top of the ladder. When you move the ladder you could end up with a very nasty surprise.