when life happens

Ever have a week where you get punched, either figuratively or literally?

Sunday night I slept peacefully not fully anticipating the storm about to hit Monday. Boy did it ever hit. I've slept fitfully ever since. Today I pondered if this was the most stressful week of my life. And even if it is, I know I will have harder ones to come. The beauty of this week is knowing I am strong enough to weather the storms of my life. I know I will get through them. I also know that life is pretty darn good despite all the weight I am currently carrying.

That is the most peaceful thing I know at this point in my life. Storms can come but I've got enough of my emergency kit in place to survive.


confessions of a 30-something music snob

SONG HAS BEEN UPDATED... let's hope it works now.

There was a time in my life when I spent inordinate amounts of time perusing music sites in search of the coolest, newest, independent music. Then my life became an explosion of busyness as I started building my career and music searching went by the wayside. My work commute consisted of listening to NPR and I soon became an aficionado of world financial issues and American politics. I still listened to my indie music, went to a multiple of excellent shows, such as Of Montreal, Arcade Fire, Dandy Warhols, Regina Spektor, Mason Jennings, Rhett Miller and on and on.

I've worked with kids for 2 1/2 years that LOVE the hip-hop and R&B genre. The school vans seem permanently stuck on these radio channels. Most of the kids we work with are from California, so when I was out there last month I felt a wave of nostalgia for my former and current clients. In honour of them all, I listened to hip-hop all weekend. However, it had me so hooked that my station now fluctuates between NPR and hip-hop. While some songs enrage my feminist sensibilities, other ones get me smiling more than usual and dancing in my car. Give me a good beat and silly lyrics and I might just be your next shorty.

There, it's off my chest. I like "Kiss, Kiss", "The Anthem", "Stronger", "Superstar" and the list goes on. I'm no longer a closeted hip-hop listener. Coming out feels better than I could have imagined. I no longer have to hide my true self... an indie loving, NPR listening and occasional hip-hop enjoyer.

And as a treat to my loyal readers, please enjoy "Kiss Kiss" by Chris Brown. This song gets my jiggy on more than any.



Yesterday a salesman told me that my feet are "sisters not twins." He chose to throw this line out when I was feeling frustrated over the left shoe not fitting properly. I thought it was the lamest line I had heard in a long time but I ended up buying the shoes. So, who's lame now?

I'm just hoping the heel grip will actually keep my skinny left heel in to the shoe. They were just too cool to pass up.

Don't you agree? (I bought the black ones).


isn't it ironic?

A local story that's not really funny but sorta is funny. (I can only say funny because no one was hurt in the accident).

Check it out


a week in travelblog adventures

So, I went on a lot of trips since October and haven't posted any of them. I don't normally do. However, I decided to make this week an "Aislinn's vacation scrapbook." It doesn't require quite the mental energy and some of my family might enjoy it. The rest of you can take an extended hiatus from my blog, as it may be awhile before any original written content appears.

I will begin with my most recent expedition which was a solo work/play trip to San Diego. I decided to see what all the fuss was about with Sea World. My two sisters offered very differing opinions. One said "(Husband) and I really enjoyed it. In fact, I got teary eyed a few times." Other sister said "It's okay I guess, well if you you like sea creatures and stuff. It's really cheesy though." In the end I decided to say hi to "Wannabe" Shamu (because there really isn't a 'Shamu' anymore).

On my visit I was reminded of my teary-eyed sister's extreme phobia of piranhas when we were young. She feared swimming in a lake in B.C. and was fit to be tied when her foot slipped in to my granddad's pond. Prior to her fear, I had never heard of those fish. I have no idea how her anxiety developed but it was hilarious. In her mind, Piranhas existed in every body of water. This is a warning to my sis: Look away if you're still haunted by these little guys.

Heading in to the shark encounter I ran in to the woman who won the "Most Overdressed Award." Perhaps she was on her way to a club when she decided that she and her family needed to see some sharks. (It was the shoes that really cracked me up. I just don't think walking around in heels all day is my idea of a good time)

So all in all, Sea World provided a pretty entertaining day. I guess I sorta do like sea animals. I do think it was overpriced but now I can say I have gone. There are still other tourist destinations I have yet to see, such as Disneyland. Unlike most other children, my parents deprived me of this important childhood milestone.

The next day I headed downtown and walked the Pier. There was a homeless man yelling obscenities and such while I was taking pictures of some trees. I started to wonder if it was directed at me but I just pretended to be deaf. Here is my best 'artistic shot' of the trip.

And in case you're thinking I stole someones photos from Wal-mart, here's one of my many self portraits. (I am getting better at taking solo shots. A talent that will come in very handy during my single, travelling life).

And there is San Diego in my little nutshell.