why i shouldn't be allowed outside

These are two separate burns on two separate weekends

Every year I think my white white white skin can handle the sun. And every year I burn. I might be one of the top candidates for skin cancer in the nation.

Maybe next week I'll remember the sunscreen.


wasatch back

On Friday I raced with Team Sweetness in the Ragnar Series Wasatch Back. It was the most incredible experience. We covered 181 miles of some of the most beautiful mountain passes in Utah. We had a team of 12 runners each running three legs. My van was full of fun, encouraging people. My first leg was in 94F (34C to my Canadian readers) weather. It was hot, hot, hot. My teammates did an awesome job of cooling me down with water. After a failed attempt at sleep for all of us, we got the call from the other van that they were an hour away from our next exchange point. So we hopped in the van bleary eyed but excited. We hopped ourselves up on caffeinated Gu and Propel water. My next leg of the race was the most beautiful. It was about 1 a.m. and the moon was shining brightly. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I could make out a lake and beautiful rock formations. It was one of the most amazing runs I have experienced. After our leg was done, we drove to a high school gymnasium to try to finally sleep. I think I managed at least an hour nap before we had to get moving again. My last leg of the race can only be described as pure hell. I was exhausted, it was hot and the hill was a beast. I think I walked most of it desperately trying not to cry. My quads were on fire and my heart felt like it might explode. Jessica killed the second half of the hill. She is my new hero! She has the bragging rights of running her whole leg. Our team finished the race in about 28 hours and 27 minutes and I was damn proud of us. Most of my friends can't understand how running that much on such little sleep was fun but it just was. The camaraderie was amazing. My teammates were exceptionally encouraging and so fun. I came home exhausted and had one of the best sleeps of my life. Crazy thing is... I can't wait to do it next year.

If you're curious, check out the slide show. Jessica also has more on her blog.


sometimes i am mean

And sometimes I don't care that I'm mean. Take for instance this quote from a mass email sent from somebody from my church:

Again we are sooooo sorry I hope none of you loose your testimony of the church over this or are offended and never come back to church because I really won't have any sympathy for you if you do jk. We are not perfect but the church is so please forgive us.

I may not lose my testimony over an activity that was cancelled without due notice (probably because I wouldn't go anyway) but the sentence itself sure does make me want to "be free from obligation" toward such future activities. (Please see the this definition to catch my not so subtle joke)

Reading this sort of email when I am tired is a bad idea because I think such wicked thoughts. I know I've made plenty of mistakes with words but the loose/lose mistake was so much more ridiculous due to the whole tone of the email.

Now I'm off to bed wondering if tomorrow I'll still snicker unkindly when I think of this.


if i were going to buy a knife...

I run by this sign twice a week. Every time I look at it I think of murder. The name "Krazy Dave" reminds me of butcher knives and such. I still haven't been able to figure out where the store is to buy the knives but Dave, the Krazy one, might be the guy that sells them. I don't know but it kind of scares me.