Usually my house is quiet and peaceful... except when some unwanted visitors paid a visit two weeks ago (not my parents, but the mice they so lovingly disposed of for me). I loved having my parents around. I don't think I've eaten that well in months. And they even helped me paint the place. I couldn't ask for better parents.

But tonight was a special night filled with little kid laughter. My two nieces christened my home with giggles and dancing and singing. We snuggled under blankets, they each ate their chocolate treat of choice and introduced me to the world of High School musical. Parker managed to set off a mouse trap which gave her a good fright and me a good reason to say "probably time for bed." As Parker snuggled in super close in the bed, with her arm draped across my stomach and her stuffie (aka stuffed animal) wedged between us, digging in to my back, I could only smile. Tonight this place felt even more like a home.

On the agenda tomorrow: Lucky Charms. Isn't it every Auntie's job to sugar them up before the folks pick them up???


time to sleep

It's a sign that you should have been asleep an hour ago when you use nail polish remover instead of eye makeup remover.

My right eye is not burning anymore and I seem to be able to see out of it okay. But about 10 minutes ago as I swiped my cotton ball on my eye I quickly realized I hadn't used to the right bottle. It burns folks, it burns.

One of these days I am going to seriously hurt or maim myself.


what do you call it?

It's not irony... I think... since Alanis Morrisette's song does not apparently contain "ironic" situations. But definitions are not my strong suit.

So readers, tell me what you would actually call this true event:

A person spends an hour talking with teenage boys about how to be mature and appropriate in relationships. She takes some time and effort in telling them that communication is key, and that you have to learn how to have real discussions. Texting, IM'ing is not really talking. You can mask your insecurities, show more courage and boldness without having to face the person. She hopes they have taken just a kernel of what she said to develop healthy, mature relationships.

An hour later she receives a text message from a man she has never met. He could be a perfectly nice person. He was given her information by a mutual acquaintance... a set-up of sorts. He asks her out over text. They don't even know what their voices sound like. She wishes he had listened to her advice that she gave to teenagers just an hour ago... and wondering if this is really what the adult dating world has also come to.

So, is this irony? Word aficionados please help.

This is not meant to slam this person or make fun or be cruel. It's just a huge pet peeve of mine when people use impersonal means to start/initiate relationships or hide behind their fears or insecurities. I worry that the younger generation is losing all of their communication skills because they don't even talk on the phone anymore. I'm a fan of the text, don't get me wrong... but timing and situations need to play a role in to when it is used.



Sometimes I envision a posse of past pets (dogs) roaming around Heaven. Maybe not crazy Jiggs or nutty Ben... but Albert and Breta would be the best of friends... The top dogs of all the pets we've had. Ted's iguanas and geckos might be tagging along when they're not "too cool for school." And if Jiggs has learned to quit barking up in Heaven, the head honchos might let him play. That dog could be so annoying, but it was nice to finally have a dog I could put on my lap!

I might be off my rocker, but yesterday I had this image of my sister's dog Charlie jumping and licking and playing with the rest of the crew up there. His hair would still be in his eyes, and he would be as lovable and hugable as ever.

My sister once told me that getting Chuckie was the best decision of her single life. He adjusted well to her marriage and loved her kids... and they all loved him. As hard as it is to say goodbye to a sweet member of the family, I wonder how enriched my life would be if I could come home to an unconditionally loving pup. But saying goodbye is hard, really hard. And when it came to saying goodbye to our past dogs, I had a hard time remembering "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." (Oh Dr. Seuss, so wise)

As far as becoming a pet owner, I haven't decided yet. But one thing I do know is that all dogs DO go to Heaven.