8 weeks...

of Hip Hop class starts tomorrow. Yes, this awkward, uncoordinated, clumsy gal will be seeing if she really can dance! HRH and I signed up for an eight week course in "Introduction to Hip Hop".

So what if it says previous dance experience helpful (hey, I did ballet and tap as a young child)! So what if I ain't got rhythm! So what if HRH isn't going to be there for the first, very uncomfortable first class!

At least the music will be awesome. And at least, in my head, I'll be awesome.



(Parents: Do not let Children Play or climb on top of Dinosaur)

In the space of 2 minutes I saw at least 15 kids on top of the dinosaur. Who knew there were so many illiterate parents in the city I live!


not sweet

A few weeks back I told a good friend that she was "nice but not sweet." At first she was a wee bit offended until I explained that it was not an insult, and in fact I was neither sweet nor nice.

Case in point...

A insignificant friend from junior high posted a status update on Facebook that read

"Who wants to be my 1000th friend?! The prize is you get to be my friend!!!"

And right then I decided it would be highly amusing to delete him as a friend so that he would now have to get TWO more friends to reach the elusive 1000! When you have that many "friends" you won't know who did the deleting. I entertained myself with the thought of him realizing he lost a friend but unsure of who the cruel person was... and the fact that I haven't spoken to him since I was 14 I wasn't too worried about hurt feelings.

Today I remembered that I de-friended him. Much to my pleasure I found out his profile is public! So I was able to snoop on his page. The day I deleted him this was his status update:

Someone unfriended me! WTF? Now they will miss out on abundant witticisms, glorious commentary and incessant creeping:(" (However, anyone can creep on his page without being his friend, and I have yet to miss his witticisms and glorious commentary).

I laughed and laughed and laughed. See? I'm not sweet or nice but I sure can entertain myself.