raindrop on roses

Day two of happy week took a detour from what I had originally planned. I love sunshine and blue skies but I also love rain, and I really love lightning storms. I have fond memories of sitting in my parent's room with my dad and other siblings. We'd sit in the dark, waiting in eager anticipation for the room to light up after each thunder clap. So imagine my delight when I left work to see the sky playing with lightning. A rainstorm in winter! Now that's bliss.

And eldest sister, that title goes out to you. I still laugh when I think of that time you sang the wrong lyrics of that song (and at the top of your lungs).


happy, happy, joy, joy

I've decided to focus this week of blogging to things that I enjoy, find fascinating, is a favourite or generally makes me happy. Today my sister sent me this story. I found it incredible because two little girls can say they are literally "one in a million!" So this kicks off six more days of happy aisy thoughts.


multiple choice

For the following test, please choose the answer that is most correct:

1. Is the above picture:
a) the head of a doll
b) bad abstract art
c) a close up of a crab
d) my burnt nose

If you chose d, please proceed to the next questions. If you chose a-c then you clearly didn't try hard enough. For questions 2-4 please choose all that are correct:

2. How did the nose in question get burned?
a) too much time in a tanning bed
b) skiing
c) reaction to medication
d) inherited British genes

3. Who is at fault for the burn?
a) my parents for passing on said genes
b) my stupid doctor that didn't tell me about the medication side effects
c) the so-called SPF in my face lotion that apparently didn't work
d) the ditzy girl at the tanning salon that didn't tell me there were new bulbs in the bed
e) mostly my fault for knowing I'm prone to burn

4. What has felt the most soothing on the face in question?
a) cold tap water
b) lotion
c) aloe vera
d) a mixture of oat, honey and banana

for a fuller effect of poor aisy's nose and face

and now for the answers:
1. d
2. b, d (Screwed again by genes, but at least the skiing was fabulous)
3. a, c, (Parents and lotion are always easy targets... I still protest my innocence so e is incorrect)
4. a, b, c (Thank goodness for aloe, water and Jergens lotion, and, um if you happened to choose d, please tell me what a banana is good for other than to ingest)


what's your favourite fake?

I have to give it to this girl, she opted for tape rather than going under the knife. It's just unfortunate that her secret was caught on film and subsequently all over the internet. I did try to do the nice thing by blurring out her eyes. There is a woman that my friend and I call "Candy Apples" because her name is Candy, is pick thin and has enormously fake breasts. Down here there are lots of fake... nails, hair colour, body parts, tans, and diamonds. The killer combo that makes my skin crawl is acrylic nails, orange tan and platinum blonde hair. Add fake animal print fur to personify tacky.

I'm not completely anti-fake. I have my dentist and bleaching trays to thank for my pearly whites. I also have been known to eat ice cream that isn't made from the purest ingredients. But I don't like hotdogs more than once a year and I really don't like fake nails (did I already say that?) I think I just don't like long nails, real or fake.

Fake, fake, fake. What's your favourite fake?


only in utah

Growing up in a family of eight, I was often asked if I was Mormon or Catholic. I was puzzled how people figured out I was LDS (Mormon) just based on my family size until I got older and realized that we were a family anomaly. Many LDS families have large families, there is a even jokes about it such as "how do you know you're at a Mormon wedding?" The mother of the bride is the one that's pregnant." While checking my yahoo inbox, I noticed a headline that said "Mother, daughter have babies 90 minutes apart." I thought it would be highly amusing if they were indeed LDS because it would fit so well in to the stereotype. Sure enough when I clicked on the link it was written from Provo, Utah (Mormon central). While most of the humour was lost after I read the story, I still appreciated that our cultural jokes will perpetuate because of real life examples... because if we can't laugh at ourselves, who can we laugh at? I hope the mothers recover well, and that uncle and niece continue to thrive even though they are premature.


the way to my heart

I sometimes wonder what the perfect gift for me would be. Today I think I found it.

The tricky part would be locating a place that sells it (and I'm not talking about the cheap imitations that came after it). I would want the original. After you see this you'll want one to.

Man, that would be cool. Sweet dreams for me tonight!


flashing lights

I hate being late, especially when it entails an obvious entrance. I also hate that I have to share a bathroom as it never fails my roommate and I need it at the same time (and she always seems to be one minute ahead of me). So today I was rushing out the door and in an attempt to make it to church on time I chose to go a titch faster than the posted speed limit. Just before the turn to the parking lot I see the flash of red and blue. Dang cop! There was some good and bad news to the whole bit. The good news is that it was a BYU cop and so the ticket won't go on my record. It was also much cheaper than a ticket from a regular cop would be. The bad news is that there was no chance of getting off by saying "I was late to church" because Mr. Police Officer was pulling over all us naughty church goers. There is also very little you can do to lower the ticket. What I want to know is why an LDS church-sponsored school is employing people to work on the Sabbath when it promotes keeping it holy. Okay, I'm just bitter that I got busted for breaking a law. So after my little stint, I wasn't five minutes late... I was twenty. Much more embarrassing than coming in during the announcements. The moral of the story: do as the scriptures say and "obey the laws of the land" even the stupid speed limit.


spring is springing

One think I like about Utah is that flowers will start to bloom in March. Back home spring is lazy. It might show up in late April if we're lucky but winter typically rears its ugly head sometime in there. Early this week I was feeling like "I'm in a lull," but now I have more than flowers to look forward to. In early March I'll be heading to San Diego for work/pleasure. Then in the latter part of the month, I'll roadtrip it to Reno to see Death Cab for Cutie and Franz Ferdinand in concert. It will be my first time in Nevada so I'll be able to check off another state from my list. I may also strike it rich at the casino! The last Friday of the month will be spent singing along to Guster in a local venue. I'm just hoping that my list of exciting things continues to grow and grow.

What are you looking forward to?

Editor Note: Since publishing this yesterday, I have purchased tickets to see Rhett Miller in Park City. His voice and face are equally stunning.


L is such a lovely letter...*

...for words such as Los Angeles! This weekend my sisters and I descended upon the sunny, busy city of LA. On our first day we went to see the "stars" on Hollywood Boulevard and stumbled on Garry Marshall and Barry Manilow doing some sort of promotion thing. The lure of Sephora kept us for staying too long to listen to what was going on. While browsing through some high-end children's store my sister pointed out that the woman buying $60 shirts for her kids was Emily of the Dixie Chicks. The celebrity count went down to zero after the first day but we weren't disappointed.

The navigational system in the car came in quite handy, although we quickly discovered that six miles in LA often means 30 minutes in a car. The tear-streaming laughter far outweighed the car-stress quarrels. Kelly kids are good at fighting and even better at laughing, and those car moments were the highlights of my trip. The warm weather was a bonus, as were the shopping deals but it was spending some sisterly time that really mattered. I'm still dealing with my family hangover and trying to shake off my homesickness. Since I've moved down, I've had lonely moments but none greater than this.

Families are interesting groups. For some, the family is an unhappy, unloving place. They have unattached relationships with little desire for closeness. For others, the family represents stability, refuge and happiness. There is loyalty, friendship and a yearning to be with them. I believe that all of us have a mixture of emotions when we think about our own family. My family knows exactly what to do or say to get me riled up, we don't always agree, and I have definitely said hurtful things. However, the general sense I have with my family is extreme loyalty, acceptance and comfort. I appreciate that I can spend a weekend with my sisters and feel truly happy. I'm glad that my niece asks me "When are you coming home?" when I talk to her on the phone. And I'm especially thankful my parents taught and showed us what it meant to be a family...

*the first person to name the song of the blog title wins a prize!