spam, spam, bacon and spam

Over the last two weeks the most action my Gmail account has seen is spam. Each day I receive several variations of the word Viagra. Some days it's Viapra or Vdarga or Vigria. The combinations never stop nor does the spam. I'm not quite sure how I got the spam or when it will stop. It even started going to my work email which has become quite a nuisance. It's driving me crazy.

To see someone else who HATES spam, click on the link in the title. Blessed Monty Python. As a side note, one year my siblings and I listened to the Final Rip repeatedly on a family holiday. I think I had each sketch memorized and my parents likely had to take multiple meds to keep from going insane. We also listened to some other comedy tape that my brother had. All I remember is a song that said "boot to the head, na na... boot to the head na na... boot to the head, na na. BOOT TO THE HEAD." If anyone knows that reference I'd like to look it up.


an honest mistake

I was loading my groceries in to my car when I noticed I had forgotten the laundry detergent that was on the bottom of my cart. I had a momentary thought of driving off with free ALL but my lil' angel spoke louder than my lil' devil so I drudged back in to Target to pay up. I was standing in line feeling utterly exhausted from my day when I noticed the woman in front of me had a twelve pack of Mountain Dew at the bottom of her cart. She paid her $34 bill all in one dollar bills which gave me ample time to ask her if she had forgotten the Dew. Although a very interesting self commentary was going off in my head, I had no mental energy or desire to speak audibly to her. As I was driving off I noticed her walking back in to Target with the pop in hand. I felt slightly guilty for speaking up in the store but was also mildly amused that we had a twin experience. Both space cadets and both honest. If you're feeling devious there's a good chance you can make off with free goodies at Target by using the bottom of your cart.


fabulous fall

Reasons to love all the Seasons (but mostly fall).

1. Gorgeous sunsets

2. Hikes to capture the views

3. Leaves, leaves and Jo

4. Walks in the brisk air

Breathe in deep and smile...


la la la love

I've always pondered how one gets to the point that they really know that the person they are with is the person they want to marry. I have had thoughts of marriage in prior relationships but it was always coupled with an equal or greater amount of doubt. People can explain the process but it cannot be fully comprehended until you are experiencing it yourself. No amount of studying or training can give you the vicarious feeling. I suppose this topic has been on my mind recently due to three wedding invites, as well as a good friend calling me this week to tell me he was engaged. What I found fascinating about our discussion was how ecstatic he was. I usually hear this from my girlfriends but it was a first to hear it from a guy friend. Their dating was easy, the decision was a no-brainer and he was excited... which got me excited. He still did not know how it all happened but that it did happen. (He didn't help much in the department of "figuring out how one takes the next step" but he's in love so he gets a pass.)

I know that people go in to marriage with all sorts of dating experiences. Some of the happiest marriages had rocky dating moments and some of the happiest dating led to a less than thrilling marriage. I heard the latter scenario many times when I did marital counseling. However, listening to my friend and seeing him when I was home made me hopeful for a future dating experience like his. It would seem much easier to enter marriage fully enamored and with a solid knowing. I'm done with wishy washy and conflicted feelings from the other. I want a man that knows what he wants... which is me. (If any of you have found this man, please have him contact me directly. Ha!) I find the thought of marriage frightening enough, so the last thing I want to do is spend months on end dating someone who is constantly unsure. Perhaps I'm unrealistic but while I'm still single I'm going to dream for my ideal.

So B, if you're reading this, congratulations and thanks for reminding me that it feels so good to feel mushy. It's easy to dream of adoration when the leaves are beautiful and the air is crisp. I hope to post some pictures soon that show why I love this season so much.


teaching moments at work

I'm all for lessons, and 15 minutes ago I learned my lesson on why you don't mess with candle wax at work. I have a candle warmer and there was a wax bubble developing in my candle. I have pushed the bubbles down before, as it allows me a better view of the melting wax. (It's my form of relaxation during my stressful days). Today was just another ordinary, bubble pushing down day UNTIL wax sprayed everywhere. Wax is on my desk, keyboard, paperwork, skirt, shirt and hair. No amount of washing or scraping will get the remnants off. So, I'm down to my undershirt and jacket as my blouse was the worst hit. What can I say... I'm a class act.



Today is Thanksgiving in Canada but since I'm not there, I thought I would post on what I am NOT thankful for.

1. My broken gas gauge. Loosing all power on the freeway was a bit of a scare but wasting three hours to get the problem sorted out was worse. At first it was thought that my fuel pump would need to be replaced but luckily it didn't. The silver lining was that my bill was cut down by at least 70% from the first estimate.
2. A bird perched on a woman's shoulder in public. It's nasty enough to dodge bird poop from the wild ones, but seeing a stream of bird crap on a woman's back because she is foolish/crazy enough to carry it about with her is grotesque. My sister and I have brain scars but no other permanent record as it was near impossible to take a discreet picture.
3. Cellular phone charges. I have had my current plan for almost a year and never come close to maxing out my minutes. Let me tell you that 40 cents for each additional minute over your plan adds up pretty damn fast. Thank you T-Mobile for not helping in the least bit about the situation. I'll be sure to switch to a more fair plan/company when my contract is up at the end of October.
4. Pull out hotel beds. I'm not sure who can sleep soundly when each roll creates a new pain from the metal bars digging in to every last inch of fat, bone and skin on your body. However, body aches are worth the sacrifice in order to spend several days with two adorable nieces.
5. Stinky feet. One of those previously mentioned adorable nieces has a new pair of shoes that leaves a not so adorable odour. Thankfully socks and soap can remedy the problem.