directions smcherections

Last week I got home from spin class, showered, got ready for work and took my multivitamin. I was almost out the door when I was sidelined by nausea. After expelling all my stomach contents (Powerade and vitamins) into the toilet I felt much better. I ate oatmeal in the car and headed to work. I attributed the sickness to my spin class but yesterday I took my vitamin again while getting ready. I started to feel ill and quickly stuffed my face with a fruit bar, hopeful it wouldn't end up in the loo. I went over to my cupboard and read the label "take one pill with food." I've never thought medication or vitamin directions were really necessary but now I'm starting to rethink that. The most twisted aspect to this is that I am tempted to take the vitamin again on an empty stomach just to see if it really is inducing nausea. It's like when I touch a bruise over and over again because maybe the 10th time I touch it the pain will go away. Am I alone here?


crashing a holiday

I explained to many friends, acquaintances and students that Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October and yet I still took two days off to sneak one more turkey dinner in before Christmas. The hospitable folks in Vernal offered their home and food yet again. It was a fabulous meal and great company. Unlike a Kelly gathering, the holiday dinner went off without any drama. If only Mike had remembered the potatoes our October feast may have run a little smoother!

Rather than watching horse surgery, we rode them instead. By we, I mean just Kris and I. We had expected the more experienced horse riders to be our guides but they trusted us or trusted that our chances for death were slim. The worst would likely be serious injury. We did just fine and came home to watch BYU take the game away from the U at the very last second. Only two explanations can answer why they won the game. It was either due to me wearing my Y sweater or divine intervention from God. I think it was the sweater. A little more secular action was in store when we headed in to town for the evening entertainment. I was too cold to get out of the car to capture a picture of the six float Christmas parade with Santa and Mrs. Claus as the piece de resistance. I was disappointed that the high school marching band did not make an appearance as the two Vernalites that stayed home were parade band alumni.

Dinner for the evening was toasties which is a sandwich cooked in a fire using one of these. (I had no clue how to search for these but my mad google skills led me to the link). I managed to make mine perfect but struggled when making one for Kris. I forget the second slice of bread which was only discovered after it came out of the fire. I almost repeated the mistake on the redo until a kind soul took pity on me and pointed to the lonesome piece of bread waiting to be included. Another kind soul offered me this diagram after the almost twice repeated fiasco. I managed to do several other foolish things over the course of the weekend that will provide endless teasing on par with my human milk statement on my very first Vernal appearance. Hey, I'm willing to entertain in any form.

Although I'm not American, I'm still willing to give a little thanks. And this year, I'm thankful for good friends, loving family, and laughter.


you take the good, you take the bad

Here's the facts of my life over the last week:

Exhibit A:

San Francisco with my sister was a delight. The car we had to drive was not. While I realize that some may actually like PT Cruisers, and like my co-worker, actually request one to rent, my sister and I were mortified. Not only are they hideous, but they are also the most functionally stupid car I've been in.

Exhibit B:

Seeing Bishop Allen on Thursday night, in Provo of all places, was superb. It felt so good to see a live show while I sang and danced my cares away. The downside was a short set as they did not headline the show. The girl is no longer in the band which was a downer on Busted Heart.

As Bishop Allen says "things are what you make of them" and I guess I'll take the bad because it can also come with a lot of good. We'll see what I make of my blog. I have been contemplating a hiatus for various reasons. Thank you to those that keep on coming back even with dwindling posts. I plan to get off the fence soon.


these are the days

Have you ever had one of those days?

You know the kind... the power goes out at 7:30 a.m. right in the middle of getting ready for work. Mascara is applied in the dark and your hair has to be pulled back to try and pull off a semi-professional look. Realizing that the garage will not open automatically due to the electricity outage, you yank it open with all your force. Then your day worsens when the co-worker problem is only exacerbated by terrible mishandling of a third party and for fear of getting dooced you choose not to write any specifics on your blog. You come home feeling tired and hungry. You decide that it is finally time to cook a proper meal. However, you cupboard lacks enough ingredients to make anything substantial. While deciding what to do with the situation you purchase some music online that is sure to make you cry so you hold off on actually listening to it. The decision is made to cook so it is off to the grocery store. You think your luck is shifting when you hop in to the shortest line... until you realize that the two customers in front of you have food stamps. You end up waiting longer than any other line. You come home and decide that tonight would be a good night to christen your Pampered Chef food chopper thingy. You manage to use it improperly and watch helplessly as green peppers fly all over the kitchen. Despite the warning of sharp blades, you cut your finger pretty nicely on them during clean up. You would rather just vegetate in front of the television but you have nagging feelings of guilt for neglecting your blog. Rather than wait until you might be able to pull of a mildly entertaining post, you indulge yourself and write about the crap of a day you had.

If you have ever had a day like that, I can empathize.


ridiculously useless information on ears

I have recently been fascinated with the huge variety of ears out there. I realize that ears are just as unique as any other body part, like hands, eyes and noses but I haven't spent much time examining them. My study of the ear grew out of an uncomfortable work experience, namely "unsolicited flirting by a co-worker." When another co-worker asked why I didn't reciprocate, my response was that his ears were too small for any conceivable attraction on my part. Ears are not something I typically notice but his seemed abnormally tiny. At church this past Sunday my eyes feasted on the enormous variety of ears. Things I learned:
1. Girls can also have exceptionally small ears.
2. Some ears are very large.
3. Some ears protrude to an uncomfortable level
4. Lobes can come in all sorts of shapes. There are those folks with creases or misshapened lobes. Some lobes attach right to the head. (Apparently attached earlobes are a recessive trait... things learned on google image search).
5. Hair on ears are often blonde.
6. The more you look at ears, the more ugly they become