a very merry christmas

After hearing my flight was cancelled on Friday, and waiting for an hour and a half in a line to reschedule a flight, I started to feel a little dejected. There were some very nice people in line that made the time go by faster as we each shared our story. The girl behind me missed her connecting flight and her luggage was left in Arizona as they were told they could either take people or luggage. I quickly realized how fortunate I was to at least know where my bags were. I was relieved when I was given a flight the next morning. They told me they could release my bags to me so I could have a change of clothes. After waiting several hours to get my luggage I gave up and went to the hotel with my little toiletry bag from the airline. There were three Elders from my church that were on my original flight on their way home after their two year mission. I felt bad for them and their families having to wait one more day to see each other. My flight the next day was an hour and a half delayed which started to increase my anxiety. When they started boarding us I was in tears out of pure relief and happiness. I was so thankful to know that I would get home in time to spend Christmas with my family.

Tonight we had most the family together (we missed the Bostonians). We watched a video about the birth of the Savior and sang Christmas carols. I had the overwhelming feeling of gratitude to be a part of a loving family, sharing our love for Jesus Christ. We all laughed at my niece that is terrified of Santa. Any mention of his name brought her to tears while her parents reassured her that Santa would not come to their house. If this keeps up their holiday leverage will be "if you're naughty Santa is going to come." She's two so she may outgrow her Santaphobia. The kids will likely be hopped on sugar and excitement tomorrow so there will be more tears to come but that's what makes family gatherings so entertaining.

I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas day. Thank you for the friendship and readership over the past year.


nice name

On Monday I opened my inbox to see that I had written myself an email. I thought it was strange because I didn't remember sending an email entitled "this is random." Thinking it was spam, I was about to delete it when curiosity got the best of me. I opened it up to discover that my name twin had googled herself and came across an old post of mine. Now, if my name was something common like Jenn Smith I might not find this so odd. Although my last name is fairly common, I have yet to meet another Aislinn. In our several emails we have discovered that we were born in the same year but that her name is pronounced phonetically while mine is the Gaelic pronunciation (Ashlyn). A very random but amusing experience.


my new friend

That's right. CLR is my new favourite bathroom cleaner. After burning my lungs several times using Lysol Bathroom Cleaner with Bleach, I decided to try something different. My former roommate left the glass shower doors with terrible watermarks and a dingy ring around the tub. I first bought the wretched Lysol cleaner as it professed to rid my bathroom of mildew and other stains. It helped a little but my health would quickly deteriorate after its use. I remembered the CLR ads of my youth, stating it was sold in fine establishments such as Canadian Tire, K-Mart, etc etc. The commercials showed it dissolving tough coffee stains and working miracles on hard water residue. On Saturday I experienced its amazing power. I could finally see through the glass, my sinks were sparkling and I didn't have four hours of pain and smoker's cough. This new bond is going to be tough to break. I still wish I could pay someone to clean my bathroom but until then, this $4 gem is my newest ticket to happiness.



I went out my garage for my run on Saturday. Afterward I was stretching on my lawn when I noticed this:

Apparently my roommate got home at 3 a.m. the night before and must have been really exhausted, as the keys sat in that place for the next seven hours. It sure was fun to tease her.


dating s.o.s

I found this charming street sign while my sister and I were lost in San Francisco. If only life was full of S.O.S's for those in need of help, such as the sad chap in the following story. I find this amusing because I was not the person on the receiving end, although I dearly love the poor lass that was.

It all started Wednesday night when she received a call from a gentleman at her church. She did not answer the phone as it was an unidentified number. After listening to the message we were impressed that he called several days before the date, left her a compliment and had it all planned out. Several ingredients for a good time. The first warning sign was an anxious text the next day asking if she had received the message. This was brushed off as perhaps a little overeager. Friday was when the storm hit. This was not some regular ocean storm, it was a full on tsunami.

The first indication that the clouds had started to darken was when he stated to her "I've been wanting to ask you out for weeks because you're so damn sexy but I was never able to because you were out of church like lightning every time." Rain poured down with phrases such as "You are so sexy, do you know how sexy you are?", "I am with, by far, the prettiest girl here", "I LOVE the way you dress, it's so hot", " You have a rockin stomach and your body is perfect." While this is all true, I would like to restate that this was a first date with only a very brief conversation prior to the big event.

She was being engulfed with large waves with more and more questions, namely: So how is your romantic/dating life? How do you handle being so sexy? When did you last have a romantic encounter? So what was your first impression of me?

And then the tsunami hit. To quote her "He kept touching me ... we went to a concert... it was a sit down event... he quickly had his arm around me and tickled/scratched my back... I sat in a balled up position most of the show. Then also at dinner... arm around... and then the comments... "I'm sorry I keep touching you, I just can't help myself, you're so hot." Fast forward to the door scene... he had already pecked me on the cheek randomly when I was standing up at some point in the night... I was a little worried at the door as he had admitted earlier "I don't usually go more then three weeks without kissing a girl, although I've only once ever had a 'hookup.' So he walked me to the door, and I was carrying my bag and leftovers, so I went to give him an awkward hug, and his face came in... so mine went out, to the outside of his arm... and then quickly turned around and went in."

The storm was over but there were residual waves afterward. Several texts about how gorgeous and sexy she was with hopes of a second date. Although you would think it was my friend that needed the life raft on the date, it was this sad sack of a man that needed the help. Not only is it unattractive to be called sexy and to have unsolicited touching on a first date, it's actually offensive. So for those of you creating such storms, please keep them in the middle of the ocean where no one is impacted by your destructive sexual frustrations.