a crush like no other

My admiration for Jon Stewart grows more and more each day.

I have yet to watch a Daily Show where I don't laugh out loud. I came across a clip of him at the Emmys which further solidifies my unrealistic and completely unattainable crush for a short, married man. Ah keep the laughs coming jonny.
Fall in like with Jon


i hope i don't have this in 16 years

Today I was waiting to make a deposit at the bank when I noticed a man at the teller. He had a curly mullet, armband tattoo, and a concert shirt on. This wasn't any regular shirt... it was from 1989. I noticed the pristine condition this shirt was in. Sure it had become transparent from the years of washing and wearing, rendering it more of a white undershirt than its former glory years... but there was not one single hole and I couldn't see any stains. I wish I could remember what the back said, but I do know it was a world tour. There were concerts in Canada, the US, the UK and Australia. I waited in eager anticipation to see the front, but he turned in a direction that killed all hope. Foiled again!

As an homage to this fellow, I thought I would show my one and only concert shirt. I think it's pretty damn cool as it says "all girls boxing club." I'm sure it will be donated or used for rags long before its 16th birthday.


weekend wrap-up

Okay, so occasionally I feel a desire to share my random life events that are probably of no particular interest to others. On Friday my love of hockey was back in full force. My brother-in-law gave me his tickets for the exhibition game for the Calgary Flames versus the Edmonton Oilers. There's a lot of nostalgia attached to live hockey, as my dad would take me to games... buy me malts and nachos. Good times. Lisa and I wore team colours to support the Flames. I had to borrow a red shirt, as I don't own one piece of red clothing... looks awful on me. We won 3-0 and were even graced by a fight.

Saturday I saw Grizzly Man with some friends. This link from another random blogger summed up my thoughts on the movie quite well. (Warning: there is some vulgarity, so read at your own risk). Read Here.

Little Miss Avery gave her first talk in primary, which was very sweet. Sunday wrapped up nicely with a dance party with the nieces. Some of the siblings sat out... they were just jealous of the moves Mike, Ted and I could pull off. We called the grandparents in an attempt to manipulate feelings of sadness (hey, they moved away from us). I don't think the re-telling of the scene did it, but if they saw a video of us hooligans dancing around, they'd tear up for sure.


ode to teamwork

So I'm not computer savvy enough to figure out how to post this picture on the comment section of Mr. Pulsipher Goes to Washington. Therefore, I'm posting this inspiring quote here... yes, this is an original Bushism. You'll also be impressed to know that I did the poster myself (yeah, so my skills in photoshop are lacking... back off). Thank you David for giving me the opportunity to stretch my creative skills. This is my idea for the next motivational poster.



I recently celebrated my 28th birthday (stay on the edge of your seats for an upcoming blog showcasing my birthday camping trip). Yesterday was my family birthday dinner, sans half the family. I received two amusing gifts. Danielle, my matriarchal sister, gave me therapy flashcard greeting cards. These two were my favourite. You can check out all of this company's product here. The back said "10 glossy greeting cards with blank interiors onto which you may project whatever you like." I think I'd rather frame these cards for my future office rather than give them to friends. It was a perfect gift for a therapist! (just click to enlarge)

Now, my mom's gift was the most entertaining of all... especially because Danielle said that my mom was laughing quite heartily at them. She gave me three packs of chewing gum, two of which I'm posting. Check out the title of cool and calculating gum. It's on the side. My mom is so cheeky.


shows to despise

While on holiday here in the US of A, I've stumbled on various ridiculous shows (mostly on MTV). It got me thinking about the television shows that really aren't worth anyone's time. I'm not talking about guilty pleasure viewing, such as my two episode love affair with Tommy Lee, but those truly horrendous shows that make your skin crawl. I've recently ranted about one such show on another blog Popscoff.

Here's my brief list compiled in my head as of tonight:
-My Super Sweet Sixteen (MTV)
-My Fair Brady (VH1)
-The Surreal Life (VH1)
-The Simple Life (Fox)
-The Ashley Simpson Show (MTV)

Shows to watch:
-Arrested Development (Fox)
-The Daily Show (Comedy Central)
-Scrubs (NBC)

Okay, so folks, what shows do you hate? What shows do you love? And why, oh why, can't network producers stop making BAD reality shows?


seattle sojourn

Today I officially withdrew from my Ph.D. program at the University of Calgary. This was a big step for a kid who never dropped one class in any previous studies. But the time had come to face the facts that this program wasn't doing it for me... so I became a college dropout! What does one do when they drop out? Well, I travel. I'm typing this as I sit at my brother's computer in Boston. Prior to my jaunt here, I spent the weekend in Seattle at the Bumbershoot Festival. It was a fun-filled weekend of music, interspersed with some not so fun happenings. Time to recap the highs and the lows...

The journey began with the wearing of coveralls... apparently they were the "team uniforms." I scoffed at the idea, but found the uniforms to be quite cozy for travelling. They kept me warm when needed, and provided nice deep pockets for carrying keys in.

On Friday we stopped at the Columbia River to plunge off some cliffs that the men-folk had found the year before.
The LOW: Well this is a toss up between one companion (male) wearing a thong speedo for the plunge and another companion locking the keys in the car. I'd have to go with the speedo being the ultimate low, as the key locking worked in my favour (see HIGH).
The HIGH: After spending copious amounts of time on top of the ledge, and basically chickening out, coach shar got me to jump off the thirty foot cliff. If we didn't have to wait for the guy to come to unlock the door, I doubt I would have done it... as the group wouldn't have waited that long for me to take the plunge.

The LOW: There wasn't really anything that stood out.
The HIGH: In the evening we went to a show that was raising money for 826 Seattle. We were graced by the MC, Daniel Heder, author of Lemony Snicket and "the Transatlantic Orchestra" a.k.a Death Cab for Cutie. We went for the show, and I ended up seeing one of my favourite bands... it was a great surprise.

The LOW: Um, dumb Aislinn lost her ticket. After Graham and I tried several unsuccessful attempts to get them to re-issue my ticket, I sent him back inside. I figured I'd just chill in downtown Seattle and buy another ticket for Monday. I was super bummed, and angry at myself for losing the ticket.
The HIGH: I went to another gate and talked to the manager, shed a few tears of frustration, and was let in because he believed my sad tale. In all honesty, I was close to tears. I'm sure I could have stifled them if I tried harder, but who cares about pride when money is on the line? Not this poor dropout. On Monday we found a way to have them re-issue me another ticket. Graham was all ready for a fight that never happened. I was so relieved our plan worked!

The LOW: Watching this stupid act "Idiot Pilot." The guy was an idiot, and his dancing reminded me of a seagull in flight. So, perhaps the band was a fitting name. I swear my ears still burn from the wretched screaming. Too bad because it was a cool venue.
The HIGH: Watching The Decemberists live. They were awesome. Okkervil River was a close second. We also had a new crew to roll with that day that infused new energy... and it was a terrific way to end the weekend.

Tuesday was spent driving all day, and one travelling buddy got a migraine and had to stop several times to throw up. But all in all we arrived safe and sound, and played jukebox ipod before arriving home. Each member picked a song and explained why they chose it... good times!

I have a week in Boston, which I'm really excited about. My little nephews just about beat me in bowling today, but I edged out a spare in the ninth frame. Guess dropping out isn't so bad after all.

P.S.-I didn't take any pictures in Seattle, but some pictures may be posted on my friend's blogs at some point if they so choose. Check it out at eyun's photoblog or ninjutation