platform blues

I would like to start this post by stating that I do not always have the perfect shoes for each of my work outfits. I have been searching all summer for dark brown, open toe shoes that fit my annoyingly narrow feet. So, occasionally I have to wear a tan colour shoe that doesn't always work with my brown slacks.

However, the other day I saw a co-worker in cute black slacks with white platform flip flops. I hate platform flip flops and I also hate dirty white platform flip flops. The next day I saw her in a black skirt, black shirt and the dirty white platform flip flops. The platform sandal rarely looks good on anyone. It makes your calves look bigger and you're not fooling anyone with those extra inches. If you want height, go for cute heels. Also, the flip flop should be reserved for casual wear not work. Lastly, it's just not fashionable to wear white shoes with an all black ensemble. Red heels? Sure. White embellishments on your shirt or pant with white shoes? Possible. But the white platform flip flop rarely works with anything and just looks silly. (As a side note, the picture above was featured on a site for bridal shoes. If I ever see something resembling that on a bride, I'll shudder.)


family tree

I wasn't sure I wanted to write this post as I've struggled to articulate my experience back home. I have been back in Utah for 24 hours and actually made it through work on little sleep.

I loved being home with my family and seeing the new additions. I didn't do much of anything except laugh at all the funny things that my nieces and nephews said/did. Calgary has changed so much since I left. It's only been nine months but housing prices have skyrocketed and traffic seems to be worse. I was glad that I rarely ventured further than the south bubble of the city. It was no longer the city I always thought so fondly of.

I feel like a hobo (sans the penniless). Provo doesn't feel like home but neither does Calgary. My family is where my heart is but it could be in any city and that is all that would matter. The vacation gave me time for much introspection. Time moves forward and people move on. We get busy with the day to day aspects of life and things that seemed to matter so much before can seem trivial months later. Sometimes timing is everything...


somewhere over the rainbow

I have noticed a disturbing trend in my closet... a substantial amount of stretch t's from the GAP. It started out innocently enough. I would see a cute colour for a reasonable price and pick it up. I added the light pink t-shirt last week when it was on sale for $4. It was a killer deal for a good quality, basic shirt. However, now that I own almost every colour, I feel rather silly. Am I losing my style? Have I become a boring dresser? Am I too cheap to care? Am I the only one that has fallen prey to the multiple clothing item in different shades?

At least I know my style at work is holding strong. A new coworker commented that I am the best dressed female at work. He also noted that he knew I would be cool because of my glasses. As a side note, he also said he could tell the kind of music I listened to because of my eyewear. I don't necessarily buy in to judgments of personality or tastes based on accessories but I'll take compliments where I can get them.

As for the blog, it will likely be on a brief hiatus while I refill my family tank in Calgary. Perhaps this holiday will bring back some of my creativity that has been sorely lacking.


a movie script ending

Was it Star Wars that first brought us the idea that movies could also double as Hallowe'en? Although not socially acceptable, I tolerated the Luke's, Leia's and Vader's at the theatre. Afterall, they were the more awkward folks of society so entranced by the trilogy that they could not help dressing as their fictional favourites.

However, over the years I have started to notice a disturbing trend in movie watchers. Harry Potter openings were full of wizard and witches floating about the popcorn stand. It was usually limited to younger kids, so I shrugged it off. Then a few weeks back I was waiting for friends to arrive at the movies when I saw a few people walk up in capes and masks. I was confused as to why these wrestlers were walking in to the theatre when it dawned on me that Nacho Libre was opening up. This horror was soon forgotten until Friday night. I was at the movies with free tickets to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean (long and overrated) when I was suddenly surrounded by pirates.

I still cannot understand this dressing up business. Rather than free candy, you pay exorbitant amounts of money for snacks. Sitting for several hours wearing hot robes or ridiculous attire is completely unappealing to me. So please, leave the costumes for that spooktacular time of year when you get to dress like a fool, beg for candy and smash pumpkins.



I was in Small Town, USA over the weekend where I learned something new at church. A woman was discussing various things that have been upsetting to her, one of which was an article she read in Snowflake, Arizona's local paper. I don't have the energy to find the article but this link or this one gives you the gist.

What? Does she seriously think that there is a secret movement to make one country in North America? I kept waiting for her to say it was a prank but then she talked about her pregnant friend diagnosed with cancer and that all of these things were weighing heavily on her... requiring her to pray to God for strength. It was all I could do to contain my laughter. This poor woman was all worried about Mexicans and Canadians combining with Americans to create one super country. I thought about spinning it in to a positive comment about us coming together as one people under God but decided I couldn't say it with a straight face. I'm just a stranger that sees the comedy not the tragedy in the article. Finding the links were especially amusing because any site that advertises Ann Coulter's new book is not one I'd spend too much emotional energy on.

What I need now is your stories of something so ridiculous but was strongly believed by someone else.


after the fireworks

Tonight fireworks blaze on each side of the darkened streets. As I drive the streets I see children up past their bedtime, faces aglow with the excitement. I'm mesmerized by the sight and sound of it all.

I hope these little ones keep this spine tingling feeling all their life. Remember those small moments when your family was happily gathered together. Never let your dreams dissolve in to the night sky. Your potential is as bright as the fireworks reaching upward.