i love...

I love the Calgary Flames. I also loved the 80s (except for the junior high years). However, when you mix the Flames and the 80s you get this:

Can't say it doesn't bring a smile to my face but for all the wrong reasons.


hot stuff

I went skiing yesterday and was amazed to still see some of these things kicking around:

Don't these men and women know that if it is difficult to find them in stores it is likely out of fashion? It took me some time to find a picture on the internet let alone find a place that sells them. Not only are they a fashion faux pas but they are highly impractical. Sure, you don't get snow up your back if you wipe out but using the washroom must require some major technical skill.


current list

There have been a few things that have been annoying me lately so I have decided that it is list time again.

1. I have a penchant for celebrity gossip. It's trash and ridiculous but it helps me decompress from stressful work days. I will often peruse the different online articles but have become disenchanted. While I recognize that my literary skills can be lacking this type of journalism drives me (to quote Gwen) B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Cuz, like, you know, like I really want to like, read an article like as if it was written by a 15 year old or like Paris Hilton cuz like if it's about celebs then like it should be totally like, written all fun and silly and become really, zoinks, ha ha, irritating to read. I'm an educated reader who wants to occasionally read the dish without being insulted by ridiculous writing.
2. I hate that chlorine sticks to my body after showering and putting pretty smelling lotion on. It is particularly distasteful when I work out the next day and smell like a swimming pool. I am starting to rethink this whole triathlon training because I am not sure I can tolerate the next 7 months of weekly reeking of chlorine.
3. My landlord happens to be a on cruise the same week one of our pipes freeze. It has left us without cold water in the kitchen but more importantly, my toilet tank has not been refilling. Thank you mother nature for record setting cold.
4. Dry hands, dry hands, dry hands. I slather on the lotion repeatedly only to find them just as dry as they were five minutes ago. I had eczema as a kid and I think I currently have it on my hands. Another shout out to the dry freaking land that I am currently living in. I will never forget my lotion-free week I spent in Mexico. Now that was bliss.
5. The spell-check on blogger is by far the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. Words it does not recognize in this post: disenchanted, eczema, triathlon, slather, and blogger. I did have them all spelled correctly to begin with.


idol worship

Here's the footage...

And here's the spin.


say what?

My sister and I were shopping over the Christmas break when Nickelback started playing over the speaker system. We made a quick retreat out of the store to avoid any more unpleasantness and began a conversation over their popularity. It's shocking to see that they are consistently on the Top 10 list of iTunes downloads. I can appreciate that there are all sorts of musical tastes but Nickelback? Really? Chad Kroeger's voice has to be one of the most grating things I have heard. I swear my ears start bleeding. All the music sounds the same and damn, he's ugly. Then I read tonight that they won a People's Choice Award. While most of the winner's are "interesting" choices I am still bewildered about their popularity. How can anyone in their right mind listen to a whole Nickelback album, let alone vote for them? This is not a group that I am proud to say are Canadian.

(If you are a fan, please don't take offense but do explain the allure)



If you, your future spouse, and your mother (in-law) are registering gift items at Target, this may be a sign that you need a few more years before taking the marriage plunge. If your mom actually needs to help you decide which salt and pepper shakers to get then how did you ever decide to get married? I'm glad she pointed out the difference between those that grind salt versus those that don't. I hope she is also able to steer you to the more pressing issues of your life. More importantly, I hope you learn how to make some very basic decisions on your own.

If you act superior to those people that take a parent to make bridal registry decisions, this may be a sign you have become too cynical. I hope when you call your mom for help about some petty decision you will remember your hypocrisy. And even though you try to chastise yourself for your arrogance, there is a smugness in knowing you will happily register with your future spouse... without your mom.



This is a face I could keep looking at (unlike the pictures from the previous post).

Thank goodness for real life heroes. It gives me pause to think of how likely I would have been to initiate help.


little resolve

I never follow through on New Year resolutions because, well, I'm not sure why. I am good at making firm decisions to not make goals. WAIT. Don't stop reading yet, as I have no desire to talk any more about resolutions. Take a look at this

Channel surfing reminded me again of the horror that is women body building. TLC has shown numerous times the "Supersize She" show. It is all about a woman's pursuit to look and sound horrific. I don't mean to be cruel but I cannot grasp the desire to look like this:

Their heads look so small and they look so manly. I'm not just a woman hater because this frightens me just as much. Please use weights in moderation, avoid steroids and tanning, and go easy on the body oil. It will create a much more visibly friendly world.