this little piggy

I ran across this fun little time waster on pants that fit's blog. This was my pig!

Just another reminder that I am not artistic.

draw your own

p.s. my links order has changed based on those that more regularly post... but I love you all the same.



I realize I run the risk of being accused of Scrooge-like behavior for this post, but Christmas decorations in November is ridiculous. Americans haven't even finished their turkey feasting yet! I drove to work Monday morning and saw the town had been attacked the night before with wreaths streaming from the lampposts. Driving home Monday I noticed that some people had already put their Christmas lights on. Even the local stores have got their Christmas decorations out for sale.

Perhaps I have been scarred over the last five years of Christmas as my mom felt that decorating the fern was sufficient in lieu of a Christmas tree. She had numerous excuses for this, such as "the artificial tree doesn't fit in our new house" or "we will be having Christmas at Danielle's anyways." I was then left to feel guilty about my behaviour because I was "not acting my age." Hey, a twenty-something is allowed to act like a five year old when the so-called Christmas tree is a a wimpy fern that looks more pathetic than a Charlie Brown tree. In my mom's defense, the guilt-inducers were the always good, always sweet siblings who took it upon themselves to scold me for making my mom feel guilty about the tree. I love family dynamics!

Despite the crap-for-tree of the last few years, I am confident that even with a proper tree I'd still think Christmas decor should ONLY come out in December. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas... it's my favourite holiday. But how long can we endure "Santa's coming to town" piped in to the sound system and creepy elves staring back at us before Christmas actually hits? And let's face it, we're still yelling at the driver next to us right up to Christmas... so it's not like the early reminders are making us any more Christ-like.


ode to a friend

Part of the being a blogger means there is that tiny piece of egomania. We write about ourselves, the things we like or don't like, clever musings to amuse others, and a host of other things that represent us. Then we post it for the world to see (or the ten people that actually read it).

Today I shed my narcissism to give a shout out to my good friend. Yesterday he had a momentous birthday and if we still lived in the same city I could participate in the obligatory "happy birthday" celebration. Those awkward events where all the attention is on the birthday boy or girl but is a required passage of age. So I will share my blog with him in hopes he gets that awkward feeling from a computer screen. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAHAM!

Thanks for all the great music to which I will be forever indebted.

(Okay, so this post was also a good excuse to post a picture of Ian, Graham, and I in our team uniforms from our Bumbershoot trip. We were missing Shar, who took this picture of us by the Columbia river. I have to say that although I was initially resistant to the coveralls, they ended up being a great idea. They kept me nice and cozy in the car).


H2 Oh @#&%

Water and I have had a turbulent relationship for many years which is not due to my lack of trying. I consistently put water above all other beverages. When dining out I almost always choose water which has nothing to do with being cheap. I just like water... but I am beginning to think the feeling isn't mutual. Almost on a weekly basis I am splashed all over while washing my hands... an embarrassing conundrum when I have to see clients with water splashes all over my pants and shirt. And anyone who has seen me drink water knows that it will likely spill on to my shirt at least 1 time out of 5. Just the other day I was driving to work and a litre of water almost spilled all over me. I was able to catch it in time and only received a healthy spray. I know some may blame me for our problems, saying "you're too clumsy or careless with water." But I try, I really do. I won't give up on water but it's time it took some of the responsibility for our problems!


a few of my favourite things

I thought I would recap the weekend by highlighting a few favourites. Let the fun begin!


Quote: "Oh, you're from Calgary? We had some missionaries in this ward a few years ago from there. I can't remember their names now... were there any kids leaving from there in the last couple of years?" I politely smiled and said "there are quite a few LDS members in Calgary, we have seven stakes. So I'm not sure who they might be." I get the feeling that a lot of people may not know that Calgary has a population over a million and a large number of LDS folks. My ultimate favourite is when I'm asked "do you know so and so from Toronto?" That's like me asking a Utahn if they know my buddy from Boston. *sigh

Food: I went for Indian food Saturday night which was delicious. It was followed up by the movie New York Doll. This was a very fascinating film about Arthur "killer" Kane of the New York Dolls. You see the tragedy in his rise and fall but also the glimpse of redemption as he finds new hope in his life. It was also accompanied by a fantastic soundtrack.

Awkward conversation: Hands down was a party I attended Friday night. You can see the synopsis on Popscoff. It still makes me smile reliving it in my mind.

Article of clothing: Okay, this really has been a favourite since I scored them at the puma outlet in Boston back in September. But every time I wear these shoes I am in love. They are so comfortable, and snuggly hug my hard-to-fit-crazy-narrow feet (thanks again mom for passing on that gene). Absolute bliss.

Those are just a few of my favourite things. The weekend would have been a real hit if I could have also listened to Danielle sing this famous song from the Sound of Music, blasting out the wrong verse at the wrong time. Now that was funny!

What are your favourite's from your weekend?


a little laughter

I need to infuse some humour into my blog since my previous post was of a serious nature. Last night I laughed yet again at the antics of Rob Corddry on the Daily Show. When you get to the page, click on the video You Paid for it: What the pork?" This is well worth the time.


dying to be thin

I'm ashamed to admit that I've uttered such phrases as "I wish I was just a bit skinnier" or "my hips are just a bit too big." I sometimes even think "if I just worked out more regularly I could be a size 4." Fortunately I was blessed with good genes and have never had to battle weight issues, and I generally think I have a healthy self-image. However, this is an indicator to me that many women at some point in their life have been dissatisfied with their bodies. I'm not suggesting that men aren't ever concerned with their bodies, but I wonder if their concern is as frequent or serious as it is for women.

This was brought particularly to light when I watched a video presentation given by Jean Kilbourne entitled "Killing us Softly 3: Advertising's Image of Women." She discussed the media's portrayal of women today and throughout the years. I was discouraged that for a so-called enlightened society we are still being bombarded with advertising that objectifies women, promotes violence against women, and accepts pornography. I was startled at how subtle these images can be, yet it pervades our beliefs and attitudes at a subconscious level. Unfortunately this kind of advertising sells in our society, and therefore advertisers, both men and women, continue to put it out there. I think there are many ways this spills over to women's perceptions of themselves, one of which is body image.

The day after watching this video I randomly stumbled upon a website about anorexia. I hesitate to even bring attention to these kinds of sites, but I was completely surprised by it. At first I thought it was a tongue in cheek site, but I soon realized that these women were in support of anorexia. The site was plastered with pictures of very emaciated women. The women defined themselves as anorectics by choice, saying "Volitional, proactive anorexia is not a disease or a disorder. It is a lifestyle choice that begins and ends with a particular faculty human beings seem in drastically short supply of today: the will. Contrary to popular misconception, volitional anorectics possess the most iron-cored, indomitable wills of all. Our way is not that of the weak. Self-control has never been the way of the weak. To deliberately direct one's course of action apart from the impulses of raw instinct and desire requires discipline, inner strength, persistence, and focus." Yes, I will concede that anorexics have will... but not in a healthy, positive direction. The women stated that they "strive for perfection" and desire to see "bones." This is not a lifestyle choice, this is a disease. I find it discouraging and disheartening that there are women who struggle with eating disorders and believe that the way to true perfection is through starving their minds and bodies, literally wasting away. Our physical features are only one aspect of who we are, and if we become hyper-focused on how we look or how our clothes fit, we neglect our spiritual, relational, and intellectual selves. We are not whole when we only concern ourselves with the size of our waist.

I know that I can't change the world, but I can start by changing myself. I can start accepting myself for my limitations and my strengths. I can choose to not support companies that advertise in such a way that is demeaning to any person, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or religion.

I do want to link to a site that helps those struggling with eating disorders, and I hope we will all think a little more seriously about this issue and how it impacts our society.... because this is not healthy (warning: this image is disturbing).

end of soapbox.


Sunday's Top Five

Today I was reminded of five things:

1. Small hands (excluding children) creep me out
2. Small hands rubbing someone's back REALLY creeps me out
3. I'm still bugged by Utahns pronunciation of "heal" as it sounds like "hill" (as real sounds like rill etc)
4. Too much sugary sweetness when teaching Sunday school doesn't do it for me
5. I always enjoy a meal being made for me, especially if I get to play with a friend's baby afterwards


office space

This is my sad looking office...

This is my sad looking face...

My office truly needs an overhaul. I refuse to put the ugly picture up on the wall that is sitting on the floor. Each of my boys told me in their own special way that my office looked rather "bare." I told them it looked hideous. My goal for the weekend is to get something on the walls and my books on the shelf. If only I was lucky enough to have a room with a window. I think I have to get a few more therapists to quit before that happens. Being lowest on the totem pole also means I get the ugliest office.

The good news of the week is that I get to go climbing with my boys tomorrow as part of our group therapy.



I sometimes find my pro-women thoughts and opinions could be perceived as sexism against men... but today one of my stereotypes about boys was confirmed.

I have often noticed and believed that boys/men's apartments and rooms seem to emanate odours that my nose isn't particularly fond of. I will say that not ALL of my male counterparts have this problem, but a lot of them do. Today I had my first group therapy session with the boys I am working with. The session took place on the boys unit, which is where they sleep and hang out when not in school or therapy. When I walked into the place I was overwhelmed by a smell that was akin to a stinky, dirty locker room. I wondered if the smell was going to stick to me after I left, and if I would be able to endure the stench for the next hour. Fortunately, or should I say unfortunately, my nose became accustomed to the stink. I seemed more concerned with getting these boys under control, as they were curious as to how far they could test the new therapist... (not far by the way).

Now, I've been on the girls campus and it does not smell unpleasant... not one inch of offensive odour. So I have to wonder why this is. Are men less hygienic than girls? Are they just plain smelly?